Beats Working

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Last season, we got together with Tim Eddy, Hannah Eddy, Stratton Matteson, Destry Serna and Alex Maros to explore the wonders of snowboarding in and around Bend, Oregon. From the flowiest hot laps at Mt. Bachelor, to untracked splitboarding in the burnt forest of Santiam Pass, to the sneaky sidepow at Willamette Pass we pretty much scored across the board. All in all, riding powder with your friends definitely Beats Working. (Side note: HOLY COW we found the goods)

Destry Serna was heating it up so much he had to lose the beanie. P: Colton Jacobs

Film: Nick Meilleur & Doug Jambor
Edit: Nick Meilleur
Music: “Garepuss” & “Not There” by Jacob Lundgren and Tom Eddy // People Everywhere (Still Alive) by Khruangbin
Special Thanks: Mt. Bachelor, Willamette Pass, Mother Nature

It’s snowing in the mountains, call out sick…

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Elevate Your Experience

The Edit

We needed some quality time with the gang, so we decided to rally (almost) the entire crew. The Pacific Northwest had a banner snow-year so we chose to bring everyone out to the Summit at Snoqualmie to shoot some photos, bond, and have some good times.

We spent our days sessioning the park at the ‘qualm, hitting an ewok village-like feature set in the trees at Summit West, hand-digging a 6-foot mini-pipe, and maxing out Pie for the People’s kitchen by ordering 20 extra-large pizzas for the crowds at Summit Central. Tim said it best: pizza helps to elevate your experience when you’re snowboarding…

Leanne Pelosi Brought The Up North Vibe / P: Colin Wiseman

The Team

In true PNW fashion, our team was lucky enough to experience all four seasons in the few days they were in the Cascades. Rain or shine, we ripped around with our friends, slapped some high-fives, and totally got the sauna to work….

K2 Snowboarding Team Riders:

– Parker Szumowski (@parkszoom)
– Tim Eddy (@timshreddy)
– Mark Wilson (@markjwilson)
– Leanne Pelosi (@leannepelosi)
– Jake Kuzyk (@jakekuzyk)
– Yo Amagai (@yo_amagai)
– Johnny Brady (@johnnybradyjr)
– Stratton Matteson (@strattomatic)
– Matt Belzile (@mattbelzile)
– Kael Martin (@hippy_turns)
– Alex Rodway (@rodweezy4sheezy)
– Greg Phillips (@shred_baron)
– Destry Serna (@destryserna)
– Harry Green (@hairygreen)

Film Crew:

– Nick Meilleur (@nickmeilleur)
– Sam Tuor
– Dan Mohr (Aerials)


– Nick Meilleur


– Colton Jacobs (@coltonandrewjacobs)
– Colin Wiseman (@colin_wise_man)

Production Assistant:

– Alex Maros


– Flamingosis: “Down For The Fifth Time”
HOME: “Head First”
– HOME: “Resonance”

Huge thanks:

– Summit at Snoqualmie
– Summit Parks
– Dan Mayers
– Matt Callahan

C’mon Mother Nature, Elevate Our Experience!

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K2 Snowboarding + BCA Fall Contest

k2 snowboarding bca fall contest

Win Kael’s Board (and Extras!)

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, K2 Snowboarding ambassador Kael Martin grew up under the influence and guidance of current and former K2 riders. He is stoked to be part of a company with such strong roots in the local snowboarding community and you can often find him exploring new peaks and locations with his K2 Eighty Seven.

And right now, you can take home Kael’s board! K2 Snowboarding is partnering up with Backcountry Access to give away a 17/18 Eighty Seven and a 17/18 Stash 20™ Kit (including a pack, shovel and probe). Enter now!

k2 snowboarding bca fall contest

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Aimed at bringing surf vibes to every nook and cranny of the mountain, the Eighty Seven boasts K2’s Volume Shift™ technology to provide endless energy and maneuverability. Complete with traditional camber/all-terrain rocker profile combo and a durable Bambooyah™ core, the award-winning Eighty Seven offers premium performance on a shape that pays tribute to the past.
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Prize 2) 17/18 BCA Stash 20™ Kit

The Stash 20™ Kit includes BCA’s versatile Stash 20™ pack (black), the best-selling Stealth 240 probe and a B-1 EXT shovel. Easily store your shovel and probe rescue tools inside the Stash 20’s dedicated tool compartment. Just add an avalanche transceiver and you’ll be all set for traveling in the backcountry.
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The Fine Print

Registrations received by 11:59 PM MTN on Monday, November 30, 2017, will be eligible to win. US and Canada only. A winner will be selected and contacted by December 15, 2017. Entrants agree to opt-in and to receive Backcountry Access email and K2 snowboarding email by entering this contest (email preferences may be updated at any time). K2 Snowboarding and Backcountry Access reserve the right to substitute prizes of similar value based on availability.

See complete contest rules:

Visitors: Mark Wilson

The King (and newly turned pro), Mark Wilson, shared a part with good friend Spencer Schubert in Videograss’ Visitors video. It also happens to be the last part in the entire video. Feast your eyes on the part, and make sure you hit Videograss with the follow over on Instagram.

For more information on all things K2, make sure you stay in the loop…

Rider Insider / Jake Kuzyk

Jake Kuzyk / In Motion and At Rest

Jake’s a hard one to pin down. He’s been such an important member of the K2 Snowboarding family for so long that it’s difficult to put Jake’s impact (both on K2 and on snowboarding as a whole) into words, so we reached out to a good friend of K2 snowboarding, Blake Paul, and got his take on Mr. Kuzyk. Read the rest of this entry »

Rider Insider / Parker Szumowski

A Couple Corona’s and Parker’s World Turns Upside Down – Photos: Colton Jacobs

If we had to describe K2 International Am Parker Szumowski in three words, we would use GOOD VIBES ONLY. With a heart of a gold and a smile that never fades, it’s hard to not feel excited when you’re around Parker. A board-dork at heart, Parker’s the last one to bed and the first one up in the morning, acting as a full cheerleader and getting the crew pumped for the day. Whether he’s searching for powder, paddling out into head-high waves, or rolling around in the deep end of a pool, he oozes style and creativity and just wants to keep the train rolling. It’s not hard to see his talent and work ethic, but it WAS pretty dang hard to lock down Dr. Zoom long enough for this interview.

Somehow, we got Parker to sit down long enough in-between swinging a hammer and fishing for lobster to chat with him and get a peek behind the curtain of some of his favorite things in our newest installment of the RIDER INSIDER:


  1. Wake myself up
  2. Wake up my roommate Tyler
  3. Get dressed
  4. Brush my teeth
  5. Go to work


  1. 50 Cent – I Get Money
  2. Hell Rell – Get Them Bricks Off
  3. Roxy Music – More Than This
  4. Mudhoney – Touch Me I’m Sick
  5. Primus – John The Fisherman


We’ve been grilling a LOT so I’m pretty much eating most of the stuff off the grill

  1. Chicken Sausage with Peppers and Onions
  2. Grilled Corn on the Cobb
  3. Potato Salad as a side
  4. Avocado Toast in the morning maybe
  5. More stuff off of the grill

Feeling Like Home in OR with the board slide on the Loon NH feature. – Photo: Colton Jacobs


  1. Sunscreen
  2. Water
  3. Energy
  4. Lunch
  5. Friends* That’s the most important one


  1. Mt. Hood
  2. Sassy’s
  3. Cruiser Boards
  4. Food Carts
  5. Burnside

No Letter on Parker in SKATE with a Frontside Air. Photo: Colton Jacobs


Oh gosh! Holy cow…

  1. Tre-Flip
  2. Varial Flip
  3. Name any flip trick
  4. Name another flip trick
  5. Name another flip trick


All my childhood friends are in! We’re loading up and heading to Connecticut for a skate/camping trip. So many good parks, just get in the van and go.

  1. Trevor Bradbury
  2. Kit Gallager
  3. Evan Boches
  4. Jared Healey
  5. John Pezzela

We Told You He Had Style. Front 3 Melon. Photo: AG Photo

Parker is often found riding the Happy Hour or the Daniel Franck Whales LTD in the park, the Joy Driver Split in the backcountry, and he’s always riding the Formula binding. You can check out Parker’s gear (and all kinds of other NEW gear) over at


Not The Beach: Summer Snowboarding at Mt. Hood

🔊 “Monster” by Salvadarlings

Would you rather watch this on Vimeo? That’s cool, just follow this link…

We kept it loose. We went to Mount Hood to go snowboarding, hang with campers at High Cascade, talk shop, and test some new product. Filming wasn’t priority, but we passed the camera around and decided that we should show the world what we were up to. With the exception of the incredible meals, heavy-flowing beers, and endless laughs around the dinner table, this is what our trip to Oregon looked like this summer. Snowboarding in it’s purest form.

Hannah Eddy goes red on red with a frontside air. | P: Colton Jacobs

Mount Hood is our second home. The environment is variable and demands ultimate versatility out of boards, boots, and bindings – lending to an incredible testing grounds for product. The snow is soft and wet, the trails are wide open (for carving up a storm), and the parks are on-point. That aside, there’s something extra special about summer snowboarding; maybe it’s the sun, or the soft snow, or the mini-pipe, or maybe a combination of all three. It’s a feeling that can’t be described, and certainly can’t be beat.

Jake Kuzyk tests out a new board, and a newer look. | P: Colton Jacobs

Team riders Leanne Pelosi, Jake Kuzyk, Tim Eddy, Jody Wachniak, Matt Belzile, Parker Szumowski, Alex Rodway, and Kael Martin were all on hand the first night to help us surprise Mark Wilson by officially welcome him to the pro ranks. A house packed with friends and teammates made for an amazing night of high fives, good times, and may have lended to the next day’s late start.

Couple of boards ready to hit the waxing iron.

The parks were incredible. Perfectly manicured rails, boxes, jumps, and pipes from both Timberline and High Cascade made for smiles lasting from  top-to-bottom. We took turns passing the camera between the crew in between features, watching footage on the chairlifts, and laughing ’til our faces hurt because Jody or Parker were cracking everyone up.

Alex Rodway Frontside Airs himself on a snowboard from the future. | P: Colton Jacobs

Afternoons were met with tons of lot-lurking that spilled over to the house. Heavy post-boarding hangout Sessions had K2 Team riders (past and present) snacking galore, telling stories from past winters, talking about product, and arguing about what was for dinner. After a quick re-charge, a skate Session with the HCSC Campers or a trip to Windells was never out of the question.

HEAVY Hangin’ with Parker, Mark, Jake, and Bryan.

Departure day lended to hugs, high fives, and “see ya laters” as everyone headed their separate ways. After a little break from life, some riders went back to work, some headed out for a vacation, and some dove in head-first to a new project. Grab a snack and check out our new edit, Not The Beach, we hope that you enjoy it as much as we did.

Hurry up winter, our patience is waining.
Stay in tune with everything we have going on…

Rider Insider / Mark Wilson

@therealjp Helsinki 1 copy

Mark Wilson Dropping In on the Fastplant – P: JP Walker

The Silent Killer. K2 Snowboard Team Rider Mark Wilson is a soft spoken ripper hailing from northern Minnesota after spending his young years in tropical Hawaii. Mark’s calm demeanor shows through in everything he does; whether he’s cooking you a meal, cruising around Portland, Oregon on his bike, or strapping into his snowboard. Mark’s the kind of friend you can count on to be by your side on those 5am wake up calls or those late night street missions. His work ethic is incredible and he pushes the envelope harder than most while remaining calm, collected, and friendly as can be.

Read the rest of this entry »

Keep The Change at Timberline

Timberline at Mount Hood is often seen as the holy grail of summer snowboarding (and for good reason), but what happens between the wet winter and the influx of summer camps is a mystery. The Keep The Change gang answers all of these questions and more in three minutes, and it’s safe to say that hot laps on Stormin’ Norman have never looked so good.

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Summer Boarding = Year Round Shredding!

Tim Eddy knows summer.

Tim Eddy knows summer.

If you know snowboarding, you know your season never really has to end. Many of us here at K2 Snowboarding have done back-to-back-to back winters, and the experience is a game changer. Whether you want to lap world class parks, work on your goggle tan cruising glaciers in the northern hemisphere, or break out the powder snorkel down south, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite summer boarding locations to help you narrow your search for an endless winter.


Mammoth Mountain, USA – Daily into August

Mammoth Mountain has had a killer season this year. If you saw any clips from Super Park, you know what we’re talking about. The features in Mammoth’s parks are well maintained and meticulously shaped, and are sure to be dialed in into early summer.

Perisher, Australia – June 9 – October 10

Perisher is the premier park destination in Australia with seven terrain parks and Australia’s biggest halfpipe.  The park crew have been busy in the workshop building new features to add to the rail fleet, which is already the largest in the southern hemisphere.

Timberline, USA – Daily through mid-September

Timberline has been a freestyle leader from the start thanks to multiple terrain parks with enough jibs, jumps and pipes to keep even the hardest of the hardcore happy.  Much of Timberline’s terrain is dedicated to freestyle and race camps, but their public park is maintained and should be prime all summer long.

Cardrona, New Zealand – June 10 – Oct 15

Cardrona offers the Southern Hemisphere’s most extensive terrain park facilities.  From monster pro style features to beginner jumps and boxes, Cardrona’s park is easily one of the best in the southern hemisphere.


Treble Cone, New Zealand – June 10 – Octcoer 8

Treble Cone is the the largest ski area and has the most vertical drop on the South Island.  With 45% advanced terrain, there’s plenty of steeps and drops to get the legs pumping and the face shots coming.  Not to mention, the view from Treble Cone is all-time.

Mt Hutt, New Zealand – June 9 – October 8

Mt Hutt provides prime conditions for knee deep pow turns with a altitude of close to 7000 ft and an ideal southeast aspect. Located just 30 minutes from the laid back town of Methven, Mt. Hutt is a big bowl shaped mountain with steep sidewalls and caters to advanced riders.

Ski Portillo, Chile – June 17 – September 30

“The average annual snowfall at Portillo ski resort is about 25 feet. Portillo’s snow storms are typically short and intense, followed by bluebird days when the spectacular vistas can be fully appreciated.  As a result, the quality of the powder is often dry and the riding is unbelievably fantastic.”

Nevados de Chillan – July 1 – September 24

Nevados de Chillan boasts the most annual average snowfall in South America, and the biggest vertical drop in Chile.  Volcanic eruptions and rivers of lava have left a playground of mounds, bowls, natural half pipes, steep pitches, and drop-offs spread across the resort to get those creative riding juices pumping.


summer boarding

Methods and fireworks on the same day?

Squaw Valley, USA – Daily through July 4

2016/17 at Squaw has been one for the record books. The conditions are going to be prime for summer boarding through the 4th of July, maybe even longer.  If you have never wakeboarded, snowboarded, bbq’d, and watched fireworks all on the same day, now is your chance.  Head to Reno after the on-hill Apres for a night you might not remember…

Zermatt, Switzerland – Daily through mid-November

Zermatt is known all over the world for its mountain parties and summer boarding, and its 50+ bars offer plenty of choice and variety. If you’ve never shredded in Europe, Zermatt is a fantastic introduction to the European mountain scene.

Hintertux, Austria – Year Round

Down the road from Hintertux, Mayrhofen offers up one of the best apres summer boarding experiences in Europe.   The atmosphere in the umbrella bars and apres ski pubs are sensational.  The town also has a huge summer draw so there is never a shortage of events to attend.

Queenstown, New Zealand – June 10 – October 8

Located on the South Island of New Zealand, Queenstown is the jumping off point for two ski areas, The Remarkables and Coronet Peak. Fantastic scenery, a lively bar scene, and a host of thrilling outdoor activities combine to make one week or an entire season in Queenstown one you’ll never forget.

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