Trip To Mt Hood Part 2

So last night the VideoGrass Premier went down at camp and guess what?  It was AWESOME!  There were tons of kids and the actual world premier is tonight in Portland.  Not only was the movie good, but I got to hang out and have some good old times with some new and old friends!

Trip to Mt Hood Part 1

Hey everyone!  This is Pat Campanaro, and I’m on a short trip to do some fun summer snowboarding at HCSC!  So my trip here has been pretty wild so far.  To start off, I got to the airport in Minneapolis, MN with huge lines barely about to make it to my flight… to my suprise, my flight wasn’t actually until 9:40 pm, so I was actually 12 hours early, oops! 

High Cascade “Cool Story” premiere!

Where: High Cascade Snowboard Camp located in Government Camp Oregon. When: July 18th 2009. What: World Premiere of Think Thank new boardin movie “Cool Story” Who: anyone and everyone. Why: Why not?