Living Fast with Tim Eddy, Kirk Kaufman and Chris Beresford

The sun is out, the snow is slushy and the rope tow is in full effect. High Cascade’s park has made some excellent improvements this summer. This video showcases some of the K2 board-riding staff groovin’ out via rope tow. enjoy…

Robbie Walker Wins Cattleman’s Rail Jam at Mt. buller

Mt Buller, Victoria (July 12, 2009) – 16 of Australia’s best snowboarders braved the cold temperatures and wild weather last night to battle it out on the 18-stair village rail for the $5,000 prize pool.

Robbie Walker of Melbourne took out first place and $3000 for the second year running after consistently throwing down technical tricks on all 3 rail features during the hour long session. It was nearly like Robbie couldn’t fall, continually stomping tricks that included gap cab inward 270, frontside 270, backside 270 and a backside 180 switch 50-50 on the outside rail.

“I love the atmosphere at Cattleman’s. The crowd really pushes the riders to pull out their best tricks so it ends up being a real battle”, said Robbie after the win.

In close second, with a hefty bag of tricks that included a front blunt switch up to noseslide to 270 out and a gap cab 270 on the centre rail was 16 year-old Jye Kearney from Jindaybne, NSW. Local Mikey Williams walked away with Best Trick for a 50-50 through the awkward double-kink side rail that no other rider stepped to, edging out a mass of super technical tricks from the new breed of young riders who were going mad on the centre rail with hammers like Darragh Walsh’s Switch Backside 270 to boardslide to 270 out and Marty Nova’s Nollie backside 270 to board slide… And we can’t forget the smooth style of Alex “The Russian” Kutaisov, Mitch Willams or young Chris DeCampo who stomped a front blunt switch up to noseslide on the side rail. The only female competitor Jess Rich took some heavy beatings throughout the night but kept on charging, eventually stomping an amazing blind frontside board slide 270 out.

To finish off the night the two riders battling hard for the win (Jye & Robbie) joined up for a syncronized backflip down the stair set that sent the crowd into a frenzy and got them ready for the after party at the Kooroora Hotel, hosted by Transfer Snowboard Magazine.

Burton’s Cattleman’s Rail Jam is Australia’s premiere snowboarding event, and again attracted Australia’s most progressive rail snowboarders for the one chance to ride the rails in the centre of Mt Buller’s village.

“Cattleman’s Rail is one of Australia’s most infamous snowboard spots and it’s only opened up once a year for this event so the riders love it”, said Burton Team Manager Chris Boadle, who was stoked in the aftermath of the night’s shredding.

1st – Robbie Walker (K2, Billabong, Von Zipper) $3,000
2nd – Jye Kearney (Burton, Oakley) $1500
Best Trick – Mikey Williams (DC, Electric) $500

Check Trasnworld Snowboarding for photos.

Robbie was riding the WWW Rocker with Jib Rocker, Formula Bindings and Darko Conda Boots.

Guestbook Son! Mike yoshida drops in on Snowboarder Mag

Check it: Snowboarder Magpicture-41

K2 Snowboarders Featured in Snowboarder Magazine Issue 1 of Volume 22

That’s right kiddies, the very first snowboard mag of the season is out! Tons of awesome new photos, 2010 outerwear guide, and these sweet shots of K2 riders Wille Yli-Luoma (still one of the sickest methods ever) and Louie Fountain shredding pow in Oregon in the new SNOWBOARDER MAG …. on shelves now.

Wille is riding the 2010 Turbo Dream Snowboard with All-Terrain ROCKER, and the Formula Bindings

Louie rides his personally designed Believer featuring all new FLATLINE technology. This board includes artwork from his younger brother and quotes from his daughter. He is also on the Auto Ever Bindings and T1 Boots featuring all new Boa-CONDA liner lacing system.


Summer Time Madness at Mt. Hood

Heyo from sunny Oregon, k2 house at High Cascade!  Just spending some time working on some new tricks, getting old tricks better, and having fun with campers and friends.  Tomorrow Christy Chaloux, pro photographer gets to town and we are going to be starting a shoot for Spare Magazine.  It’s a euro fashion shoot, so I’m going to try and put together something half fashionable to wear. yeye! It’ll be out next fall/winter. Ok peace out!  Going to go for a hike to a cool waterfall soon!

Oh yeah, if you haven’t seen the Hangover, its NUTSO! AMAZING! Best movie of the summer!



Digga Life

Hey everybody. This is Kirk Kaufmann writing from Mt. Hood. This is my first time every blogging so I’ll try not to blow it.  First of all, I work as a digger at High Cascade Snowboard Camp. I’m in my second year of digging, and let me tell you, its probably one of the best jobs a boarder could have. Sure we don’t get paid squat, but I really can’t see myself doing anything else but snowboarding all summer.

So I thought I’d write about the daily routine of being a digger. Our mornings start off at 7 a.m. with breakfast. We pack our lunches,  head into the digger bus (AKA satans limo), and start the slow drive up to Timberline. The bus tops out at a whopping 15 mph going up hill, so it takes us usually about 2 hours to get to the hill.  Just kidding, but seriously. Once we get to Timeberline, all the diggers gear up and get ready for the long chair ride up the palmer lift. Most of the time the lift rides consist of watching YouTube videos on someone’s iPhone, or making fun of all the ski racers and there questionable antics.

the digger chariot. runs off the blood and tears of campers.

The digger chariot. Runs off the blood and tears of campers.

heres a taste of the inside

Here's a taste of the inside

me and fellow digger alex lopez on a windy chair ride to the top

Me and fellow digger Alex Lopez on a windy chair ride to the top

thumbs down to bad weather

Thumbs down to bad weather

crispy Darkstar. you wish you had that sticker!

Darkstar wide, best board out there. you wish you had that sticker!

So once we get to our high cascade park, everyone grabs rakes, salt, and start to get the park ready for campers. My job in the morning is to prep our main rail line. Everybody usually gets done with morning rake around 10 a.m.. So from 10 till 12 we get to snowboard. But if the weather is anything like today, we spend most of the time sitting real hard-like.

kind of a bad pic, but this is our park

Kind of a bad pic, but this is our park


50 mph winds, no big deal for us

Once noon hits, everyone rakes and salts the whole park, including the new 22 foot super pipe which is probably the worst invention every created for a digger. Raking that thing sucks. If you want to experience it for yourself, come dig to ride and give it a try. Actually don’t, you’ll probably just blow it and we’ll have to rake it twice. After raking the pipe, we usually eat lunch and heckle people that are snowboarding. If you do ride in front of the digger zone, you will get yelled at. So be prepared.

We pretty much wrap up the end of the day at around 3.  Take all the banners down and rake the pipe if necessary. Everyday is ended with manditory backflips out of the pipe. Can’t think of a better way to end the day. Everyone boards back down to the bus, and heads down to the vortex of a town which is Government Camp.

Well my fingers hurt.  Adios for now, and thanks for reading.


Arrived in Canada

I’m at the airport in Vancouver, not really much more to say about that. Going up to Whistler in either half an hour or 2 hours depending on which shuttle got free space. Fingers crossed for the first one ’cause airports tend to be rather boring. Going up to Camp of Champs to do my “Send it with:” session for camp D. Really can’t wait to go up there and shred again. Gonna try to nail those double cork 5050s.

Sponsor me!

Just got this one in the ol sponsor me email….
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Yoshida Gallery up on

Leanne Pelosi

Leanne Pelosi

Shaun Mckay

Shaun Mckay

Nick Dirks

Nick Dirks

Wille Yli-Luoma

Wille Yli-Luoma

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Yoshida Pop-ins with Think Thank

hahaHA! Too funny.