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I know it’s Monday, but I was celebrating all weekend and did not open my computer all weekend. I can NOT wait to see this video. – WINKEL

The winter for Videograss wound down to a pile of mush, junk, and mud at an abandoned building in Quebec City.

People Creative At Camp of Champions

Title: People Creative Joins Forces with Camp of Champions
Location: Whistler, BC
Link out: Click here
Description: People Creative will be joining Whistler’s Camp of Champions Session D with the riders and filmers from their upcoming release “Nice Try.”
Start Date: 2009-07-11
End Date: 2009-07-18

Alaska Tailgate: You Will Never Forget Your First

Only 2,260 miles? Hell yeah my Blazer will make it!! After the 9,000 I’ve already put on it this winter, it would be blasphemy if it didn’t make it to Alaska! This winter has taught me that if you keep a smile on your face, and a snowmobile (that’s 10x the price of your car) in tow, any vehicle will get you where you want to go. And Alaska is exactly where every snowboarder should want to go. And after your first sunny pow day up there you’ll wonder; “Why have I never been here before?”



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Leanne here from Canada on July 1st. Happy Canada Day!