Greetings From Argentina

Hello all you of you K2 Blog readers out there . We (the K2 team, well some of us) just spent our first day on the hill in Argentina. We got some powder but it was not very much. We are hoping it snows some more so we can get after it.

Snowboarders in Argentina ride gear that is from the 90’s. Its pretty awesome. Also the lift lines are really long, and LAN airline logos are everywhere.


Eero getting some of that fresh Argentina air on the way to the hill

This is just one of the lines to get a lift ticket. Check out some of the sweet styles

The conditions were not the best, but at least we got to see a bunch of collisions. This was the after math from a particularly entertaining crash.

Ok thats it for now. Check back for more updates from Argentina. Hopefully we will have some better, more engaging content in the near future.

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