Sass/Bariloche Winter Break Extravaganza!

Hola Amigos y Amigas! I’m just hanging out in my apartment at the Sass Camp getting ready to head back to the States after a 6 day adventure in the A Factor. The A Factor is name for Argentina and the way this country operates, which is in a way unlike any other. Lots of their ways don’t make sense to us fast past Americans, but this is the beauty of Argentina and the experience. See the below picture for a perfect A Factor example. This is a picture of our shower. Notice that the shower head is in an unusual place (one might say it’s in the wrong spot, but in Argentina there is no wrong spot).

AFactor Shower

AFactor Shower

Camp life was great; the Sass crew is really opening up some amazing opportunities for kids to come down and learn about a different culture and how to ride backcountry conditions in a safe way.  Everyone here is super nice, knowledgable and accomadating and lodge life is never complete without the token big dog and here she is; Mauria in all of her glory!

too early to get up

too early to get up

The vibe in Bariloche the last 6 days was very winter break style.  Tons of people celebrating winter.  There were parades


there were snow polo matches


Apparently every High School Senior in Argentina takes a trip to Bariloche and they come and they all wear the same outfits.  This is team orange mixed in with a little bit of team red.  Guaranteed good lifestyle shots were taken here!


It snowed everyday that we were here.  The first few days it was more like slush and less like snow but yesterday was the real deal and we got a fun powder day and got some shots for the catalog.


We also got an up close and personal experience in their totally unique bamboo forests!  We kind of explored a little bit too far off the beaten path and really found ourselves thick in bamboo, had to hike out and would have liked to have had a machete, but an experience we will never forget!


So thank you to everyone who helped us along our way everyday!  Thanks Argentina, thanks Sass and thanks Bariloche for a great experience!



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