Greetings From Argentina

Hello all you of you K2 Blog readers out there . We (the K2 team, well some of us) just spent our first day on the hill in Argentina. We got some powder but it was not very much. We are hoping it snows some more so we can get after it.

K2 Snowboarding Visits ARGENTINA and South America Snow Sessions

Okay that’s it, we are over summer! It’s time for winter. Heading down to South America, specifically Bariloche, Argentina and to shoot our 2010/2011 catalog. Meeting up with Gretchen, Eero, and Mckay in LA and then off to Bariloche to meet up with Yoshida and Brinson who have been busy scouting out spots for us while we are there.

Guitar stuff

If you de-tune your E-string down to D and keep the rest of the strings in place it sounds pretty damn badass. I’m gonna play some blues the rest of the day on my beaten up ’70s amp and les paul copy while practising a Slash power stance.

Livin Fast Part Deux

Snowboarding is fun even and well especially in the summer time. Especially at High Cascade Snowboard Camp…and especially at Mt Hood….and especially with the K2 team…and especially when it’s really hot…and especially when you are LIVIN FAST!!!

HCSC Photo/Video Night Shoot


It’s session 5 here at High Cascade Snowboard Camp and it’s a very special session. Special because it’s the Photo/Video workshop camp as well. So yesterday after boarding the media and some boarders stayed on the mountain for a sunset shoot.