freestyle is coming to BERLIN!
This weekend Colin will give it a second try to show what he’s got!

fsb_09_plakat_a3 Ready for take-off at Berlin-Tempelhof Airport
They are back in flight! Just one year following its shutdown, freestyle birds of flight will soar the skies
over Berlin Tempelhof Airport. Thanks to and Swatch, major flight action is in store from
October 9 -11 as takes off at Berlin Tempelhof Airport. will bring
audiences the same awesome first-class contest action in snowboarding, freeskiing, FMXing and
skateboarding in combination with the broad entertainment program knows how to deliver.
Since 1995, has been opening its doors at Zurich’s Landiwiese to the global freestyle sports family, evolving over time into Europe’s largest freestyle sports event. Coming up in October of this year, just two weeks following’s 15th annual bash, will celebrate its premiere at the not-to-be-topped historical Berlin Tempelhof Airport. «There couldn’t be a better venue for than Berlin Tempelhof Airport. We are really excited to be able to celebrate the culture of freestyle not just once, but twice, this year in two of the greatest cities in Europe», says OC President Erwin Flury. During the second week of October, Berlin Tempelhof Airport will transform into a grand freestyle arena, setting the stage for the battle of the stars in snowboarding, freeskiing, FMXing and skateboarding as they attempt to seize the title – a guaranteed thrill for audiences! The incomparable Label World trade show and cutting-edge concerts in Zurich will also make their way to, rounding out its jam-packed, varied program.
Check their site!

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