As posted before, Mondial Du Snow is dead, but rockonsnowboardtour alive! First Event will take place in Les2Alpes the next week end! Go there and test the new K2 line. After some nice shredding you have to go to Smithys (THE party place in L2A).

Julia Baumgartner wins KTO

Yehaaaa. Congrats Julia!

She won the KTO Pro Contest last weekend!


K2 Rookie Alex Walch got 8th in the men’s contest!

K2 showed upwith the K2 Charlie and threw a beer/ hotdog party down in the valley.


Saturday, October 17th!!!!!!?This is insane! In central Europe, more closely in Germany, we had 27 °C last week! Now it’ s around 2-5 only. Snowfall above ca 700 m!!!?I’ve been following the snow forecast the whole week. This morning I wanted to see how much it really was?

Scavenge This! – K2 Snowboarding Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt Questions2

Here it is, your scavenger hunt question list. Remember, the first one to reply with all correct answers will receive a free snowboard. The 20th person to reply with at least 8 of the 13 answers correct will win a K2 pack full of swag and the the 50th person to reply 8 of the 13 answers correctly will win a pair of K2 bindings.

It’s coming…

As a bunch of monkeys throwdown some metal maneuvers in Seattle and a bunch of hippies go to bed early with morning plans of taking pow turns in many parts of the Rockies, you can’t help but feel the steady onslaught of winter……and it’s early October!!

K2 teams up with GIRLIE Camps

“Teaming up with Girlie camps is like two snowboard veterans going shred together. K2 and Girlie have been pushing women snowboarding for many years, so it’s making quiet sense to ally and take the same path in the future.