VideoGrass & Pretty Good Movie Premiere in Provo

Videograss and Nice Try movie premiere

Title: VideoGrass & Pretty Good Movie Premiere
Location: The Loft
Description: Rage films presents ‘Pretty Good’ with Snowboarder Mag’s ‘VideoGrass’ Snowboard&Ski double feature.

The Loft
177 W. Center St
Provo, UT

Doors open @ 7:30 PM
All Ages
$5 with college ID
$7 without

Start Time: 7:30 PM
Date: 2009-11-13

Gretchen Bleiler Fox Sports Interview

Check out this interview of our K2 rider Gretchen Bleiler from See what she has to say about how she is preparing and getting pumped for this up-coming 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. She even talks about getting glam’d up for her recent photo shoot with Glamour magazine with a few photos to show! Listen to what she has to say below!

Talking with Gretchen Bleiler

FOX Sports | MySpace Video

Nice Try Premiere in Robbie Walker’s Hometown

Our pals over at Pop Magazine threw a huge premiere party over the weekend for People Creative’s new film, Nice Try. Of course, Nice Try is the new snowboard film featuring our teamster Robbie Walker. Melbourne just happens to be Robbie’s home town, so you can guess how that went down. 240 people packed into the downtown Kaleide Theatre to drink free VB Raw’s, get free DVD’s from VAS and free loot from Billabong and K2 Snowboards. All in all, the night was a big success and the crowd seemed to love the film. Besides the photos here, there’s a bunch more over at the Pop website if you’re in the mood.

Check out the gallery below!

Photos by Julius Kellar and Andy Harrington

BMW Winteropening


We went up to “The Spot” yesterday for some pre season antics. Pictured here is Will Tuddenham, Jon Kooley, Jake Welch, and myself. There were definitely good times had by all. As well as multiple high fives slapped.


Will T. With the elusive tail wheelie.


The man behind last seasons blockbuster Videograss…. THE Justin Meyer.


This is my favorite photo of the day. It looks like I handed the camera to Jakes dad. It’s the ultimate dad cam photo. Way to go son!


I came up on a good old fashioned back lip.


I wasn’t lying about the high fives, Jon just did something fantastic. It involved a 45o, a combo, and a double cork. That’s what’s up.


Chis Grenier came up late and came in hot with this switch front nose 270. There is a Edit going up on the Videograss sight any minute so check that shit foolz!


Check out that amazing style! Dear lord that is the most awful lipslide ever. You’re welcome.


Oh Snap! I made this monster truck costume for Rohen for Halloween. It’s grave digger and it’s kick ass!

K2 Eco Pop Featured on ESPN’s Green Guide 2010


Check out ESPN’s Green Guide by Jesse Huffman featuring the K2 Eco Pop Snowboard and tons of other great product buys that are good for snowboarding and sweet Mother Earth. Pray for Snow!!!

Gretchen Modeling the Olympic Podium Look on the Today Show

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Olympians Celebrate 100 Days Until Vancouver

Check out GB in NYC kicking off 100 days to the Olympics on

Skyler Thornton interviews Kiss

SIA has historically been a time for the entire shred industry to get together and get drunk, do business, get drunk, and get drunk, and maybe have some drinks while we’re at it… at least that’s what I remember. Last year Gene Simmons came to hang out with us at the K2 booth for an interview with Team rider Skylar Thornton. Okay maybe he wasn’t there to hang with Skylar, but pretty much once you start hanging you really don’t want to stop….even if you’re Gene Simmons. Here’s a little excerpt from Minibike over at BAF.

Greening buildings with Snow

Snowboarders and Skiers have been known for taking snow and utilizing it in many ways, such as building jumps. Now engineers in Canada, Sweden, and Japan have started experimenting with large piles of snow to see what other ways it can be useful. One way is by cooling off buildings in the hot summer months. A company called Snowpower has been testing it on the Swedish Sundsvall hospital. To replace traditional-scale air conditioning, a large snow-pile is covered by an insulating layer. Then the melted water at the bottom of the snow-pile is gathered and fed into a heat exchanger which helps cool down the air inside the hospital. This helps buildings become greener, instead of using an A/C system which emits greenhouse gases, ozone-depleting HCFC, and uses a lot of electricity.

China’s engineers have also found a way to artificially make snow fall in Beijing, while Russia wants to use this technology to drop the snow-level! Even if there is no snow in Russia, these snowboarders know how to create it. Here’s a clip from WestCom jib session in Russia.