Madison, WI

I wen’t over to Madison, WI last weekend for a fun little event put on by FreshTip Design.  Here’s a few photos from the night.


Peep the Fresh Kit Courtesy of Isaora and Wrong Gear!

Peep the Fresh Kit Courtesy of Isaora and Wrong Gear!



Lil' half cab 5Oh! action in front of the capital!

Lil' half cab 5Oh! action in front of the capital!

 Congrats to my FLP homie Collin Wilson for Winning the contest and having fun while doin it.  I wish I had more pictures from the weekend, it was pretty crazy.  There was a gay/lesbian convention in town and lots of partying, combine the two, and you end up with lots crazy people running around college street and my buddy Viktor turning a lesbian straight, well at least for one night.  It was a funtastic weekend and I can’t wait to go back to Madison!

Chihuly, K2 and Big Brothers Big Sisters at EVO

World renowned artist Dale Chihuly and Action Sports Retailer evo partner to benefit youth”

On February 26, 2010 Dale Chihuly, K2 and evo will join forces to unveil a custom glass “neon tumbleweed” created by the artist. The event to benefit Big Brothers and Sisters of Seattle, will be open to the public from 6pm to 10pm. A Chihuly hand painted snowboard and pair of skis, donated by K2 will be made available by auction during the event to benefit BBS Seattle.

Dale Chihuly is one of America’s foremost artists. A native to the Northwest, he revolutionized the world of glass and has exhibited his artwork in over 200 museums around the globe. Drawing is an essential artistic outlet for Chihuly. He draws with a great deal of energy, and has used markers, chalk, and fistfuls of pencils. Now he most often uses acrylic paints in squeezable bottles, like those used to create the dramatic one-of-a-kind skis and snowboard that will be available for auction to benefit BBS Seattle.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters has been a leader in one-to-one youth service for more than a century, developing positive relationships that have a direct and lasting impact on the lives of young people. Big Brothers Big Sisters mentors children, ages 6 through 18, in communities across the country – including Seattle.

Location: evo – 122 NW 36th St (Fremont), Seattle WA 98107
Details: Open House from 6-10pm – Drinks Provided By Pyramid Brewery. The store will remain open for shopping.


TWSnow wallpaper.


„Road to Åre”

„Just another way of promoting the K2 brand in Sweden“


Austrian Masters comin’ up!

official austrian masters will go down next friday and saturday with the halpipe competition in Innsbruck/ Seegrube! It’s a fun thing, no stress or hectic, just go shred the pipe with friends and samoe old dawgs as well!

for inscription or more details go to
on the weekend after, the whole bulk is going to Westendorf for the slopestyle competition!
check for more!

Our board engineer is better than yours!

Tedore is coming out of retirement! Taking Holy Oly Hardest Charging Industry dude award this year. Check out the photo below and go to: for the full write up.


Oh and check out his throwback part from Neoproto at 4:34! Boom! Damn might as well just watch the whole thing.

Neoproto from sean tedore on Vimeo.

Feature Of The Day

Well somehow someway it snowed more in Reno than it did up in the mountains. So yesterday we went down there to take advantage of the inner city powder snow. After getting kicked out of every single thing we looked at, we came across a triple rainbow feature. A rolly polly ledge of sorts. This thing was sweet but kinda sketchy. Next to it was a drop with a closeout cement wall, air conditioning units, re-bar, steel poles, and not to mention a bums humble abode. After setting the thing up we decided to make sure there wasn’t anybody home underneath the blankets and sleeping bags that had footprints in the snow leading up to it. All we found was some socks and some cans of food underneath so it was time to get to boarding! Holy cow it was fun surfing that concrete wave! Here’s a few photos….enjoy!

Brooke Voigt places again at Billabong Flaunt It!!!

Brooke Voigt has one again landed on top of the Billabong Flaunt It podium. This time she took 2nd place in slopestyle at Blue Mountain in Ontario. With strong showings at both the Norquay, Alberta and Blue Mountain, Ontario Brooke is flaunting what she’s got on rails and jumps.

Brooke Voigt

Rail Jam Winners from left: Victoria Marshall (2nd), Jenna Blasman (1st) and Catriona Boyd (3rd) Photo:

Slopestyle Results:
1st – Jenna Blasman, $700, flight and accomodations to the finals, Nixon gold 42-20 Flaunt It watch (Billabong, Technine, Sanction, Icarus Shreducation)
2nd – Brooke Voigt, $500 (Billabong, K2, Dragon, 32, Pom Pom)
3rd – Leanna King, $300 (Nikita, Nitro)

Check out for more details:

Also Billabong posted a blog about Brooke @ the Norquay stop on the Billabong Girls site. Check it out here: http://www.billabonggirls-usa/blog-post/503/2010-02-18

Brighton boarding and non sense

Hey everyone….just a quick day in the life here in Utah as we film for the new Think Thank video Right Brain, Left Brain…

Go Pro at Red Mtn

Thanks to the fine folks at Porters Tahoe I’ve got myself a little HD Go Pro camera good guy. It’s so awesome! Here’s a little edit of my first run with it at Red Mtn BC. Hope you enjoy, cowabunga!

Go Pro at Red Mtn from Tim Eddy on Vimeo.