Warmtobel Jam in Toggenburg – rock a natural snowpark of 1.7 km length

Wildhaus/Obertoggenburg. From 13th to 21st of March 2010, a nationally unique freestyle event takes place in Wildhaus in the Toggenburg valley – the Warmtobel Jam. It is an open session in a snowpark of 1.7 km length for shredders who feel fit for it.

Even without preparation the «Warmtobel» slope in Wildhaus is a great experience and a challenge for freestylers. On the whole length of the slope, there are natural jumps, couloirs and cliff drops. For the Warmtobel Jam, the Snowland.ch crew converts this playground into the biggest natural funpark in Switzerland. Within 3 days, 11 shapers and 1 snowcat will build around 30 hits, corners and jumps of different sizes.

From Saturday 13rd until Sunday 21st of March, the unique funpark will be open to freestylers on boards or skis. There is no fee, no ranking and no trophy – it is only about having fun putting one’s own freestyle tricks into action inspired by a creative terrain. Everybody can participate and experience unforgettable moments. «We offer a thrilling alternative to other highly structured freestyle events», Andreas Roth, head of the organization crew, says. «Our event focuses on the original thought of freestyle sports. Riding with friends until the thighs burn.
Flyer Warmtobel Jam Toggenburg 2010

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