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Wille Yli-Luoma. PHOTO: Scott Serfas

Video Hyper Shred is here!

So my girlfriend has been working on doing this t-shirt design for Pierre Wikberg over the last month or so and I kept asking her what the deal with VHS was? But in the last weeks I finally found out it is a new website/blog, but rather than give you my version (which would probably say this looks to be an amazing new addition to the world of snowboarding media that is flooding our lives), here is the low down from Pierre and Eddie (Wall):

California, March 26, 2010 — The goal of VHS,, is to update videos and photos every single day of the season. The clips will be short, raw, and feature pro snowboarders, ams, legends, friends, skaters, girls, drunks, industry tools and animals. The site will include all types of snowboarding; film trips, fun laps, bangers, trick tips, archival footage, interviews, behind-the-scenes, hugs, high fives and much more.

VHS will be a great way for riders and companies to get their talent and image out to the public every single day. The creative possibilities are virtually endless and VHS aims to entertain everyone, whether they be pros, weekend warriors, kids, teens, fans, haters, or single women between the ages of 20 and 40.

The internet has changed the way snowboard videos are viewed. Declining dvd sales and growing online activity are signs that the old formula of how we film and view videos needs to change. Filming 200 days a year for a 2 min video part doesn´t make as much sense as it used to.

“Times are changing and we want to change with them. I feel like snowboarding has more to offer then a two minute video part at the end of the year. I just want to show people everything that is involved with snowboarding and this is the perfect way.” says Eddie. Pierre also comments “I have been filming for a long time and I am very excited to dive into something where I can combine my Facebook updating skills and my filmmaking.”

VHS is open to work with all snowboarders and companies.

Julien Falco @ Verbier Xtreme

After a sick run on Saturday which was canceled because of bad weahter conditions, Julien missed the podium at the relaunch on Tuesday and scored a solid 4th place at the Xtreme in Verbier. Congrats!



Design The Modern Board April 3rd 2010


Join K2 Snowboarding and DWR (Design Within Reach) in the fourth annual DTMB – a snowboard design contest in support of SOS Outreach.

Drop in for a celebratory night to raise money towards giving at-risk youth the opportunities to ride.

Rock The Vote and determine the best snowboard design. The winning design will be made into a one-of-a-kind board by K2 Snowboards and featured in DWR studio and online.

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010 from 6-9pm

DWR Seattle Studio.
1918 First Avenue

$12 donation suggested

RSVP by e-mail at

In Color Rail Montage Video

Check out Transworld In Color “B” footage rail montage with K2’s Jake Kuzyk and Harrison Gordon, Jed Anderson, Louif Paradis, Tyler Verigin, and more.


Wille Win Week WINNERS!!

Congradulations to all the Wille Win Week winners last week!

MONDAY 3/15: K2 sticker pack & Wille’s Heart Roasters coffee

Winner: Sean Weiss Portland, OR

TUESDAY 3/16: K2 beanie & Wille’s Heart Roasters coffee

Winner: Lauren Weibert Dillon, CO

WEDNESDAY 3/17: K2 Hoodie & Wille’s Heart Roasters coffee

Winner: Esther Cheng Oxford, OH

THURSDAY 3/18: K2 Formula Bindings

Winner: Allan Nadel Mammoth Lakes, CA

FRIDAY 3/19: GRAND PRIZE: K2 Turbo Dream, 5 LBS Heart Roasters Coffee and a Ceramic Coffee Filter set Courtesy of Wille and Heart Roasters

Winner: Justin Lees Provo, UT

Tim’s Healthy Tip

Todays healthy tip is all about rice. I love rice….brown rice, sticky rice, you name it! However, this tip is about a completely different kind of rice that is in the form of an acronym (R.I.C.E). It stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation and unfortunately has nothing to to do with eating. It’s the golden rule for injuries. I tweaked my knee boarding and I have become a full time ricer. Hopefully you will never have to put this technique into action but if you do it will get you back on the slopes as soon as possible. Happy healing!


Eero Niemela on the cover of the new Onboard mag.


K2 Girlie Camps Laax / Switzerland

A lot of Sun – GREAT WEATHER-, Snow, Kickers, Rails, Boxes and MANY MANY GIRLS – last week the K2 Girlie Camps visited Laax .

K2 Intern Sibylle visited the Girlie Camps the last three days in Laax. All the girls and the coaches were staying by this time at the famous hotel Riders Palace in Laax. They spent the first 4 nights in the mountain hostel on the Crap Son Gion and the last 3 nights in the Riders Palace. During the week the girls could enjoy a great coaching from the Girlie Camp coaches and K2 Riders Julia Baumgartner & Pia Meusburger, some Joga lessons, went to the SPA in Flims, learned how to wax theier boards and enjoyed the last sun on the Mountain Hotel Grap Son Gion

girlie camps 006

girlie camps 007

girlie camps 017

Every morning, all the girls met to have breakfast together and after this – The Mountain was calling!!!! After a warm-up run on the slopes all the girls went into the beginners Park and started to practice tricks and to learn some new tricks. The Girlie Camp Coaches Miriam and Leena and K2 Team rider Julia Baumgartner gave useful tips to the girls to push them to the next level. Also during the day the coaches filmed the girls while doing the jumps and tricks. The video analysis should help the girls to improve their skills on the board.

girlie camps 012

girlie camps 009

girlie camps 014

The girls who participated at the Camp where from all over Europe, they came from Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria and one of the girls was Australian. All the girls were motivated to learn some tricks from the coaches and pushed each other to do some new jumps. After enjoying the last sun at the Crap Bar all the Girls met for the video analysis where the coaches explained to the girls on what they should focus the next days while doing the tricks. The girls also learned how to wax their boards. Girlie Camps Coaches Leena and Miriam showed how they wax the boards. After this it was the girls turn. Every girl had the chance to wax her own board.

girlie camps 027

girlie camps 028

The next day started with an awesome breakfast at the Piazza in Laax. Even though the weather wasn’t as good as the day before all the girls were motivated for their last day on the mountain. After some warm-up runs some girls went straight to the park to improve their park skills. Another group of the girls first made some runs on the slopes and then went to ride the pipe. Thanks to Yvonne from Box Magazine, a former Swiss Pipe Rider, the girls learnt how to ride the pipe correctly. Because it was the last day the girls could tell where they wanted to ride and so some spent the afternoon in the pipe, some in the park and some others on the slopes.

girlie camps 034

girlie camps 035

girlie camps 046

girlie camps 043

In the evening all the Girls met for dinner at an Asian Restaurant. After Camp Director Leena hold a speech and gave out some goodies for the stoked girls, all together celebrated the great week then at the Riders Palace Bar or there is a rumor that some went down to the club for some partying=).

girlie camps 049

Xtreme news


After winning the Nendaz Freeride Event, Julien Falco wanted to write history at the Verbier Xtreme by choosing a very original and fast lane. He was on a good way to enter the podium but the judges decided to re-run the entire event because not all men could run due to the bad wather conditions. The event will go in the next round on Tuesday or Wednesday, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile check Julien´s winning run of Nendaz…

…or the run of Verbier