Who Are Ya!? Julian Fürsinger

Meet Julian Fürsinger. He is a young up-and-comer from Switzerland who wishes he was Spiderman and thinks Jesus is “kind of a freak”. He rides with the style dial cranked way up, so look out for him cause he’s going to be making some noise through the shred-vine soon.

Summer in Costa Rica! Update Numero Uno! – By Shaun Mckay

Ok so this has nothing to do with snow-boarding but I have been boarding, only on the waves. And since it is summer, I am sure some one out there in Cyber Space gives a damn, and would like to see some summer time action… Well my friend(s)….Here you go…………………

Thats it, for now!

Think Thank RBLB – By Timothy Eddy

Think Thank hit High Cascade the other night with a most excellent premier of the new movie “Right Brain Left Brain.” The stadium(HCSC Skate Bowls) was packed with with viewers of all ages shapes and sizes. Every rider in the movie except maybe two or three were there all ready to see the video for the first time.

Chillin’ in Chile, big up la familia! – By Aaron Robinson

I just made it to Chile and could not be more happy on my decision to spend 2 months here this season! Today was a perfect first day up at Chile’s favorite ski resort, Valle Nevado. New snow, tons of sun and tons of cute Chileanas……Today was 2for1 day, so lots of people skip everything and come ride “ratta” style!!