Here’s to summer!

I just got Sipping Jetstream’s second movie, called Castles in the sky in the mail. It’s SICK!

CASTLES IN THE SKY from Sipping Jetstreams on Vimeo.

Who Are Ya!? Julian Fürsinger

Meet Julian Fürsinger. He is a young up-and-comer from Switzerland who wishes he was Spiderman and thinks Jesus is “kind of a freak”. He rides with the style dial cranked way up, so look out for him cause he’s going to be making some noise through the shred-vine soon. Julian Fürsinger. Who are ya!? Who are ya!?

Who are ya?
I’m Julian Fürsinger, 19 years old, from Stans in Switzerland.

Who are your people?
My best friend Dominik Betschart, my brother Chrigu, all the guys from my hometown and the Ruffrokk crew.

Julian plants one proper! Andrecht in the bois Photo by Roman Eggenberger

Who are your heroes?
Spiderman and everybody who changes things in a positive way.

Who are your enemies?
I don’t know, but I don’t like arrogant people.

Who is your leader?
Haha, I’m happy to be my own leader.

Poppin’ methods in fields of fun. Photo by Marc Weiler

Who is your favorite?
My best friend Dominik, my girl Rebecca and my family.

Who do you shred with?
I like to shred with everybody who has fun. But most of the time I ride with Dominik. This year I was also in the US with the Shots crew and I realy like to shred with all of them.

BS 7 mute Photo by Marc Weiler

Who is your music?
I love all music genres but my favorites are Neil Young, Devil’s Gun, Hammerfall and Kronzeugen.

Who are you scared of?
I’m scared of rocks in the powder!

Who will you be in a decade’s time?
I will be someone who enjoys his life.

Back one with a kilo of steelo Photo by Marc Weiler

Who were you in another life?
Mr. Freeride, Jeremy Jones. Or a surfer.

Who can you always count on?
My mum and my dad, my girl and all my friends.

Tree slider in the forest over a pit of growling, blood-thirsty werewolves Photo by Roman Eggenberger

Who are the best riders right now?
I like JP Solberg, he has a super style, also Nicolas Müller and Gigi Rüf!

Who would be if you were a cartoon character?
Spiderman for sure!

Marking his turf on some mountain mozzarella Photo by Roman Eggenberger

Who is the last person you saw in a dream?
That would be Peter from Family Guy. Haha, he’s so funny and fat.

Who’s your favorite historical figure?
Jesus, I think he was a pretty nice guy and kind of a freak.

Here’s one more method for good measure Photo by Marc Weiler

Who are your sponsors?
Zimtstern, K2 snowboards, IS design, hä? and 3sixty boardshop.


Jack a blog Tuesdays. grenade european vacation. part 1 ” tour de france”

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Summer slashing at HCSC.. Sign up for session 6 duders!!

Method at about 2:30 in the afternoon in the mini pipe

Method at about 2:30 in the afternoon in the mini pipe

Caught up with Me! Shaun Mckay!

Head on over to TWsnow and check er out HERE!

Summer in Costa Rica! Update Numero Uno! – By Shaun Mckay

Ok so this has nothing to do with snow-boarding but I have been boarding, only on the waves. And since it is summer, I am sure some one out there in Cyber Space gives a damn, and would like to see some summer time action… Well my friend(s)….Here you go…………………

el paisaje es bonito

el paisaje es bonito

Air Time

Air Time

Spraying a Boogie Boarder (laughable)

Spraying a Boogie Boarder (laughable)

Punta Dominical, Good times!

Punta Dominical, Good times!

Fun Times at Santa Teresa

Fun Times at Santa Teresa

The typical report looks like this

The typical report looks like this

Hermit Crab Orgy?

Hermit Crab Orgy?

This thing was like 4-5 inches in Girth (thats what she said)

This thing was like 4-5 inches in Girth............................. (thats what she said)

Look closely and you will see a surfer in there. Not bad at all!

Look closely and you will see a surfer in there. Not bad at all!

Thats it, for now! Stay tuned for more!

Think Thank RBLB – By Timothy Eddy

Think Thank hit High Cascade the other night with a most excellent premier of the new movie “Right Brain Left Brain.” The stadium(HCSC Skate Bowls) was packed with with viewers of all ages shapes and sizes. Every rider in the movie except maybe two or three were there all ready to see the video for the first time. The movie is a journey through the brain of Think Thank. There is two discs…a right brain and a left brain. Both discs are about 25 minutes or so and both discs are jam packed action. The right brain has the more “creative” riding and the left brain has the more “stock” riding but “stock” is a stretch as far as Think Thank goes. It’s all freestyle boarding at its finest. All in all the video was thoroughly enjoyed by the viewers and was highly entertaining. Thanks Think Thank and thanks High Cascade for a most triumphant evening of entertainment. Party on!

Screen Shot! I'd put the whole video up on dudetube but I'd probably get arrested.

Screen Shot! I'd put the whole video up on dudetube but I'd probably get arrested.

Chillin’ in Chile, big up la familia! – By Aaron Robinson

I just made it to Chile and could not be more happy on my decision to spend 2 months here this season! Today was a perfect first day up at Chile’s favorite ski resort, Valle Nevado. New snow, tons of sun and tons of cute Chileanas……Today was 2for1 day, so lots of people skip everything and come ride “ratta” style!! Arnau y Luis at Valle Nevado were a huge help today, not to mention Nico Demetrio showing me all the fun senders!!!

  • Chillin' in Chile......there's lots of snow!! and lots of rocks still too!!!
  • Chillin’ in Chile……there’s lots of snow!! and lots of rocks still too!!!
  • Chillin’ in Chile
  • treesixty


    doing my best to smoke rocks!!!

    doing my best to smoke rocks!!!

    Chilean people are incredible, they love all the best things; food, family, snowboarding, the Jackson 5………..I am very excited to spend the next 2 months in the midst of such positive, spanish-speaking people……….


    High Cascade Summer Sessions! It’s hot hurrr! – By Leanne Pelosi

    Just a lil’ update from Mt. Hood! Last week was my signature session at High Cascade, as well as the women’s k2 alliance product testing week. It was awesome to check out the new line for 2011. There’s definitely some sick product that I can’t wait to get on! We’ll be shooting the catalog with the K2 team in Chile coming up in August…so not too many sleeps to go and we’ll be shredding some deep pow and getting some soul turns in. Yes!

    So back to HCSC…one of my favorite features at high cascade was the airbag. I was pretty skeptical of the whole idea when it came out because I’d heard of so many people getting hurt. I passed by a bunch of campers so unbelievably stoked that they’d gotten all these tricks they’d been working on, so I figured I might as well give it a go. It didn’t seem like many people were getting hurt, and I saw some carnage go down! One of my first tries I rotated a backflip so slowly that I had time to visualize everything possible that was going to go wrong before my face hit the bag. And all I got was a bruised ego. So…from there, I decided that this was a good thing for my snowboarding. I’m getting to work on some tricks that I haven’t had the chance to try in awhile.

    peace oot!