Heyo! We’re here in El Colorado, which is also attached to resorts Valle Nevado and El Parva. Travis Parker, Gretchen Bleiler, Danny Larsen, Aaron Robinson, Jordan Mendenhall and myself are here to shoot the catalog for 2012, and also do some much needed board testing to make any last minute tweaks. We’ve had 3 days of shredding a very shallow snowpack. I don’t mind, because so far its been sunny everyday, with jaw dropping sunsets. This place is awesome and the people are so nice. One lady gave us fresh bread she baked while we were hitting a small hip in front of our k2 house. So amazing!

We’re getting creative with what we have to work with, and our crew is insane. I need to take more photos. Its just gorgeous here, and one of our photographers, Claudio, is a guide in Patagonia. He showed us amazing pictures of breaching whales, seals, and gorgeous camp spots on volcanoes. Beautiful.

Maybe we can convince Kevin to take us south… ha! I’m dreaming.

Peace oot!gretchen and leanne

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