Ski Barn’s 2010 Tent Sale!

Ski Barn just had their 2010 tent sale last week. We headed over Saturday to help out with the sale at the Lawrenceville, New Jersey store; the 90 degree weather wasn’t equating to snowboard products in many people’s minds. Good thing the great deals on the 2011 products had our back. There was some good traffic throughout the day; there were many K2 boards, bindings and boots sold! Everyone was stoked on their new set-ups! Ben, Rich, and Ryan from Ski Barn held down the place pretty well and they have a ton of knowledge so make sure you go see those guys! They’ll hook you up with the right set-up.


Yeah that's the Tweakback Highback constructed for gnarleyness!

Yeah that's the Tweakback Highback constructed for gnarleyness!

mmm Fastplant!

mmm Fastplant!

Ski Barn Crew lookin fresh with the new product

Ski Barn Crew lookin fresh with the new product. AMERICA!

Yesss! Respect Your Elders Teaser #2. Presented by Airblaster and K2 Snowboarding.

Yobeat mag’s Diamond Donny Reviews the WWW! It’s FUUUUUN!

Donny Diamond Reviews the K2 World Wide Weapon from YoBeat Magazine on Vimeo.

Standard’s Storming in Seattle FRI Oct 1st


Aspen premieres

Hana B and I about to get dirty!

Hana B and I about to get dirty!

me on my 50!

me on my 50!

Bone Thugs N Harmony

Bone Thugs N Harmony

leanne and doran
This last weekend, I went to ‘The Meeting’ in Aspen. It’s basically a film premiere for snow and ski, and they kindly invited myself and Hana Beaman to represent Standard Films. We got to test out some dirt bikes the first day on Buttermilk with some of the other athletes from the other films. I fell in love with my little 50 that I was on! One day I will buy one, and have a mini track in my backyard.

We celebrated Grete Elliassen’s new movie, “Say My Name”, we saw Jeremy Jones’ movie, “Deeper”, Forum’s “F It” our Standard Films movie, and some ski movies that I forget the names of. They were all really good, and got the crowd stoked for the winter. I especially loved the lifestyle commentary from Jeremy’s movie, while they tested their mental psyche on waiting out a storm that last a few weeks.

Aspen also had some panel speakers on topics like the Olympics, Social Marketing, and Content distribution. It was interesting that a lot of people agreed that sports go to the Olympics to die…for example, Mogul skiing. Too many restrictions on the sport, which affected the progression, therefore now no one is interested in paying any attention to it. Just hope that doesn’t happen to snowboarding….

Last night was an ode to the high school days! Bone Thugs & Harmony played at Belly Up. They killed it, sounded exactly like I remember on tape, and they had everyone bouncing. We even got onto the stage for a quick minute. ha ha. Good times.

Thanks Deric from Aspen for making this all possible!

And also, Standard Films made a girls teaser for the film. you can see it here:

The people crew. -MT Baker video. CHEERS

Cheers Mt Baker from The People Crew on Vimeo.

Chillean Jordan Mendenhall Interview

Jordan Mendenhall also had some interview time down in Chile. Check it out!

A talented individual

A talented individual

Danny Larsen Interview from Chile

Danny loves snowboarding and it shows in this interview. Keep the passion alive, Danny!

Danny Larsen

“Respect Your Elders”/”Cheers” Portland Premier

Resourceful Gnome’s “Respect Your Elders” and The People Crew “Cheers” is headed down to Portland on October 1st. If you’re around, come have some fun and celebrate the excitement that continues to build as the weather changes for the better.

Picture 5

Pirate Movie Production’s World Premiere of Hooked in Innsbruck Video and Post

HOOKED snowboard video world premier 2010 from Pirate Movie Production on Vimeo.