Standard Films “The Storming”

Luebke, Travis, Hatchett, Torstein, Lonnie, Erin, Kimmy

Luebke, Travis, Hatchett, Torstein, Lonnie, Erin, Kimmy

I finally saw Standard Films’ ‘The Storming’ at Red Rocks, in Colorado. The venue is insane. Jaw dropping view of Denver with these massive monolith type rocks that exude from the ground to form a natural amphitheater. Last night was a unique experience because it was the first time a snowboard event had ever been held there, and it was also the biggest crowd I’ve ever been able to be apart of to watch snowboarding. There was over 6 thousand people there, and everyone had their eyes fixated on the screen, in anticipation of each new trick being thrown down. The cheering was amazing, and so were the mazes underneath the stage, where acts like U2, Beatles, Hendrix & Stevie Nicks had played before. So fucking cool. We definitely took advantage of running around down there, checking out every signature on the walls, walls that had existed since the early 1900’s. Hana Beaman, Erin Comstock, Raewyn Reid, Torstein Horgmo & Sammy Lubke were all there to see the film for their first time. Judging by the crowd, the Standard crew killed it this year. This is a fast paced movie, with non-stop banger shots. The pace of the movie doesn’t really slow down at all, and ends with you wanting more. Sammy Lubke had first part, with tons of amazing big AK lines. Halldor Helgason had the next part and destroyed it with the song ‘we didn’t start the fire’. He has so many tricks, I couldn’t get my head around what he even did. Eiki had a rad part too. Torstein had the ender with a bunch of doubles and the triple and whatever else you can do on a snowboard. Oh yeah, I loved watching Kazu, he just kills powder, pipe and park with such good style. Finally, I was stoked to see a hefty girls part in the movie, the first time this many girls have been included in Standard’s 19 year history! I have to watch it again to get the full feel of who did what, but definitely a video worth checking out.



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