Standard Films “The Storming”

I finally saw Standard Films’ ‘The Storming’ at Red Rocks, in Colorado. The venue is insane. Jaw dropping view of Denver with these massive monolith type rocks that exude from the ground to form a natural amphitheater. Last night was a unique experience because it was the first time a snowboard event had ever been held there, and it was also the biggest crowd I’ve ever been able to be apart of to watch snowboarding.

Chile Pt.2

Just was reminiscing on the beautiful mountains and dogs of Chile. So here’s a few photos for all you mountain and dog lovers out there. Hopefully these make you want to climb the next mountain you see and pet the next dog you come across.

Comida de Chile

I just got back from the K2 Chile trip and holy cow I’ve got a lot of photos. I’ve sorted through them and organized them into three categories. The first blog installment is all about food. The food in Chile is mostly simple dishes.

Pirates Premieres!

Pirate Movie Production presents European Premiere Tour 2010 „Hooked“ The Pirates are back on board to cruise around the world. The new film titled “Hooked” will be presented for the first time ever on the World Premiere in Innsbruck, Austria on the 10th of September 2010.