Pictures from Red Rocks


Gretchen Bleiler Goes to Woodward Summer Camp – The Music Video. Hilarious!

This summer K2 riders Gretchen Bleiler and Celia Miller joined Woodward at Copper for the first annual K2 Snowboarding Summer Session and made this hilarious music vid!

Sand Box Films “Now You Know Premiere” October 2nd.

Sandbox’s new film Now You Know.

Premiering Saturday October 2.

Come out to support the riders and Sandbox crew and watch the new film on the big screen at Millennium Place.

Tickets are only $10 and there are two shows: 7:30pm & 9:30pm.

Holding true to tradition, the after party will be at Garf’s and Dom will be dancing on the bar… most likely naked.

Help us spread the word and share this poster with your friends.

Now You Know!

Now You Know!

Standard Films “The Storming”

Luebke, Travis, Hatchett, Torstein, Lonnie, Erin, Kimmy

Luebke, Travis, Hatchett, Torstein, Lonnie, Erin, Kimmy

I finally saw Standard Films’ ‘The Storming’ at Red Rocks, in Colorado. The venue is insane. Jaw dropping view of Denver with these massive monolith type rocks that exude from the ground to form a natural amphitheater. Last night was a unique experience because it was the first time a snowboard event had ever been held there, and it was also the biggest crowd I’ve ever been able to be apart of to watch snowboarding. There was over 6 thousand people there, and everyone had their eyes fixated on the screen, in anticipation of each new trick being thrown down. The cheering was amazing, and so were the mazes underneath the stage, where acts like U2, Beatles, Hendrix & Stevie Nicks had played before. So fucking cool. We definitely took advantage of running around down there, checking out every signature on the walls, walls that had existed since the early 1900’s. Hana Beaman, Erin Comstock, Raewyn Reid, Torstein Horgmo & Sammy Lubke were all there to see the film for their first time. Judging by the crowd, the Standard crew killed it this year. This is a fast paced movie, with non-stop banger shots. The pace of the movie doesn’t really slow down at all, and ends with you wanting more. Sammy Lubke had first part, with tons of amazing big AK lines. Halldor Helgason had the next part and destroyed it with the song ‘we didn’t start the fire’. He has so many tricks, I couldn’t get my head around what he even did. Eiki had a rad part too. Torstein had the ender with a bunch of doubles and the triple and whatever else you can do on a snowboard. Oh yeah, I loved watching Kazu, he just kills powder, pipe and park with such good style. Finally, I was stoked to see a hefty girls part in the movie, the first time this many girls have been included in Standard’s 19 year history! I have to watch it again to get the full feel of who did what, but definitely a video worth checking out.



Chile Pt.2

Just was reminiscing on the beautiful mountains and dogs of Chile. So here’s a few photos for all you mountain and dog lovers out there. Hopefully these make you want to climb the next mountain you see and pet the next dog you come across. Party on and enjoy!

Jake Kuzyk at Camp Of Champions

Double backies and sunshine. The Source and Snowboard Canada score a bluebird day at Camp of Champions.

Picture 2

Jordan Mendenhall and the K2 Team go to Chile – The Director’s Cut by Jordan Mendenhall

A couple weeks ago we took a trip to Chile. Jordan documented and it is amazing.

Steve Cartwright on

Check out new K2 Canadian Team Rider Steve Cartwright in a quick little backyard park edit from Snowboard Canada!

Comida de Chile

I just got back from the K2 Chile trip and holy cow I’ve got a lot of photos. I’ve sorted through them and organized them into three categories. The first blog installment is all about food. The food in Chile is mostly simple dishes. Not very much spice or a ton of flavor but it’s always fresh. There main industry is produce so the fruit and vegetables are plentiful and I finally get to eat palta (avocado) at pretty much every meal which is always a dream of mine. Also if you like yourself some meat, the beef in South America is top notch and a staple of their cuisine. I found the most common dishes you will find are meat and potato style plates, sandwiches filled with meat and guacamole, delicious breads, as well as classics form all over the world (Pizza, Crepes, Hot Dogs, etc.) All in all the food is tasty, it’s definitely not exotic by any means, but it’s delicious and nutritious! Here’s some food photo’s…enjoy!

Pirates Premieres!

Pirate Movie Production presents European Premiere Tour 2010 „Hooked“ The Pirates are back on board to cruise around the world. The new film titled “Hooked” will be presented for the first time ever on the World Premiere in Innsbruck, Austria on the 10th of September 2010. But the film is not the only reason to visit the premieres. The Pirate parties are famous for featuring popular bands and DJ’s who rock the house through the night and into the morning.
Hooked they are, indeed: Hooked on wandering the continents to pillage and plunder the best snowboarding terrain in the world. The finest European riders each bringing their own unique style and collectively raising the flag once again. The crew chased the snow from the mountains of Washington to the streets of Scandinavia and all across the European Alps snowboarding creative city jibs and sh*t loads of powder. The DVD comes packaged in a 100-page art book, filled with various works from motivated Pirates, including the riders. Riders:
Halldor Helgason, Marco Feichtner, Gigi Rüf, Danny Larsen, Björn Hartweger, Hans Ahlund, Arthur Longo, Kalle Ohlson, Sani Alibabic, Teo Konttinen, Tyler Chorlton, Juuso Laivisto, Stephan Maurer, Stian Solberg, Gulli Gudmundsson, Erik Botner, Gerome Mathieu, Eiki Helgason, Elias Elhardt and more.
10. September, Innsbruck, Austria,
11. September, Munich, Germany
17. September, Salzburg, Austria
18. September, Schorndorf, Germany
24. September, Zürich, Switzerland,
30. September, Prag, Czech Republic
09. Oktober, Feldkirch, Austria, www.poolbar.aat
15. Oktober, Wien, Austria,
15. Oktober, Pfarrkirchen, Germany, Boogalo
16. Oktober, Kaunertal, Austria,
23. Oktober, Oslo, Norway
29. Oktober, Göteborg, Sweden,
05. November, Nürnberg, Germany,
TBA: Modena, Bratislava, Berlin, Wil, Moskau, Amsterdam…

For detailed information about a premiere in your city visit:
Link For Trailer: