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A-Rob is my life coach

I believe it’s special when someone can remember the exact moment they met another person. As I run through my list of friends these exceptional encounters are evident and all have their unique qualities, which have lead to great relationships.

Nelson Pratt: 1979-2012

It pains me to inform you of another death within the K2 family. Nelson Pratt rode for K2 Snowboarding in the UK for years and today we celebrate his life. Have fun with all that powder in heaven Nelson, say hi to Craig Kelly for us!

R.I.P. Teal Anders

Thanks for the laughs, the tears, the high fives and the hugs. Thanks for the smiles and the shared turns. This one’s for friends and family, this one is for enjoyment and the endless expedition.

This one’s for you Teal, thanks for the memories!

Battle of the Brands, Round 2 under way

We’re giving away a pair of Hurrithane bindings to a person at random that votes and shares either this link or any of the others on our Facebook page regarding the Battle of The Brands. Rally your troops and help K2 past Arbor and off to the finals.