Think thank premier in Seattle on Friday, Sept 28

More from the 2012 movie premier front… Think Thank’s new flick “Mind The Video Man” is coming to Seattle on Friday, September 28th along with Dinosaurs Will Die’s much anticipated team movie. Fun with the families will start at 6pm with the big boy party starting at 9pm, all at your local Piranha Shop. Chris Beresford will be in town signing autographs, come high five him!

People movie premier tonight at TWSnow offices

Tomorrow, September 25, 2012 in Carlsbad, California People Films is premiering their new project Pretty Wise. If you haven’t seen the teaser you better check it out, we’re pretty stoked for this one!


And here’s the flyer for the premier tomorrow night. Come by and celebrate snowboarding!

K2 Big Mountain Chill Series – Snowboard

pop this is underway, come out and win gear!

This last Spring K2 Snowboarding welcomed the arrival of Michael from Czech Republic to the Pop This finals held at Kamp K2 at Crystal Mountain, WA. Michael had never been in a plane, let alone to the USA but guess what? Not only did Michael, who spoke no English, travel across the pond for the first time but he ended up winning the Pop This World Championship and received a free week at High Cascade Snowboard Camp.

Think you got pop? Who’ll be the next champion? Check the dates below to see when you’ll have your chance to win a Pop This highest ollie contest.