November Snowboard Love In Portland

If you’re in Portland during the month of November you’re stoked. Each Tuesday we’re lining up some delicious movies along with some bangin food, compliments of the K2 Food Kart. The best part is that everything is just $2. Tell your friends.

Robbie Walker 2011/2012 Re-Edit

In 2011/2012 Robbie Walker filmed for Givin and put together one damn nice part. Here is his footage re-edited for the K2 Team Promo DVD.

Snow is falling across the globe including right here in the good ole USofA so please sit back and let your mouth water.

Go Mental with this Mad Method!

Danny Larsen is no stranger when it comes to blasting a proper method. Thankfully he was able to take some time away from his regimented training routine back in Oslo to blast this massive method in the good ol Pacific Northwest.

Win a happy hour snowboard from Highsnobiety and Snowboard Mag

Highsnobiety, Snowboard Magazine and K2 Snowboarding are really stoked on the new Happy Hour done in collaboration with Airblaster. We’re so stoked in fact that we decided to make a sweet little video and give away a snowboard to a couple lucky people that happen to like Highsnobiety and K2 Snowboarding on Facebook.