Wille Yli-Luoma Makes a Damn Good Cup of Coffee

Wille Yli-Luoma is known for going huge on a snowboard. As an original member of the Forum 8 Wille came to K2 over 10 years ago and now as he transitions away from professional snowboarding he’s going just as big with his coffee business. As the owner of Heart in Portland, OR Wille’s coffee is gaining recognition world wide. Check it out as Wille brews up a good ol cup from our house at Mt. Baker.

Here’s to waking up and going snowboarding!

Dylan Cook Has Won K2’s Seek & Enjoy Photo Contest

WE HAVE A WINNER! Dylan Cook has been chosen by Jake Kuzyk for his photo that most resembled Jake’s definition of Seek & Enjoy. “My friends and I used to do this exact same thing in the summer all the time when we were younger. Its a perfect example of making a good time out of whatever you got,” says Jake.

Congrats Dylan we’ll see you in Whistler.

NIck Dirks is a quirky little devil – VG the Darkside re-edit

The homies over at Airblaster put together a little re-edit of Dirks’ footage from VG’s The Darkside. Check it out.

The Darkside: Nick Dirks Re-edit from Airblaster on Vimeo.