Warp Wave Episode 3: Zen and the Art of Powder Boarding

A long journey through the west can be tough on a snowboarder, but Eric Messier takes the proper precaution by soaking in the high desert magical healing waters to prepare himself for the bottomless powder turning that lies ahead. First stop, pick up a hitchhiker.


Think Thank is taking a step forward in 2014’s new release “Right Turn Left Turn” where the art of turning and learning it properly takes precedence and helps define the unique style in which we all snowboard. If you haven’t laid into a toeside turn recently you should try it out, it’s so damn fun.

Warp Wave Presents Hot Boy’n 2: The Prologue

Gray Thompson and Eric Messier created something unique last year with the concept of simply surfing the earth. Warp Wave as it’s been known came together and sparked a buzz around the snowboard world in 2013. Now they’re at it again surf  turnin and burnin.