The Bee’s Knees Ep. 7: Chris Beresford

Ultra tech describes Beresford’s style on a snowboard the best, kid has an insane skate style that shines bright through his snowboarding. Enjoy.

The Bee’s Knees Ep. 6: Shaun McKay

Shaun McKay is a beast taking landings and lines most overlook.

In The Moment: In Detroit

Detroit with the Video Grass crew is an experience to be told. Jake Kuzyk, Mark Wilson, Darrell Mathes, Justin Meyer and Justin L’Heureux lurked through the streets of Detroit earlier this week. Detroit, MI once one of the more dominant cities in the nation has turned dormant in many cases where businesses and homes have been abandoned, city streets on the verge of ruin and violence amid the country’s greatest. A bit on edge leading into the trip it soon became apparent that despite all the negative exposure, Detroit is a city of friendly people and even friendlier police who are just hyped to see film crews exposing the city in positive light.

This ended up on Justin Meyer’s hotel door, haha

Kuzyk sanding the burs.

Jake Kuzyk’s bare essentials

Charging pioneers love snowboarding too

Tim Eddy and Matt Belzile Join K2’s Pro Team

Tim Eddy: Welcome to the Pro Team from K2 Snowboarding on Vimeo.

Matt Belzile: Welcome to The Pro Team from K2 Snowboarding on Vimeo.

K2 Snowboarding Promotes Tim Eddy + Matt Belzile to International Pro Team


SEATTLE, Wash. (Feb. 20, 2014) – K2 Snowboarding is adding a duo of shredding studs to their International Pro Team by promoting Tim Eddy and Matt Belzile to the talented squad. Both riders have been part of the K2 family for more than seven years riding on K2’s Amateur Team, and now’s the time for them to step into the spotlight.

“Tim is one of those guys who’s just addicting to be around. He’s the kind of human that positively affects everyone he encounters and that personality couldn’t be more evident in his snowboarding,” said Peter Mullenbach, K2 Snowboarding’s Team Manager. “Matt demonstrates a professional approach to everyday life, not just snowboarding, and it has been great to observe him over the years. Both riders deserve this promotion and we’re so hyped to welcome them to the Pro Team.”

Watch Eddy and Belizile doing what they do best:

Tim Eddy | Pathology Project #pathologyproject

Matt Belzile | The Man Boys @themanboys

Eddy resides in his hometown of Truckee, Calif. After experimenting with all that snowboarding has to offer, he discovered his greatest passion – riding powder. Eddy spends most of his days searching the backcountry for the best pow lines out there, while keeping his stoke level high. He shreds locally, lives off the grid, and uses his splitboard to access the goods. A seasoned, charismatic member of the K2 family, Eddy’s ascension to pro status comes with its perks.

“K2 feels like home to me, and turning pro is finally getting my own bedroom in this radical house of K2 Snowboarding that I’ve been living in for all these years,” said Eddy.

Hailing from Aylmer, Ontario, Canada, Belzile brings a versatile style and approach to riding to K2’s Pro Team. Living in Whistler, he is one of those riders that can shred anything. From steep backcountry lines to urban sessions, and rail slashing, his skill and drive to progress his game and grow the sport is infectious.

“I really looked up to the K2 Pro Team when I was growing up, so I couldn’t be more happy to now be apart of it,” said Belzile. “The entire K2 Team has such an awesome attitude and a Northwest vibe that I’m really down with. I love K2 boards and will happily ride them into a million sunsets.”


Eddy and Belzile join Danny Larsen, Jake Kuzyk, Lucas Debari and Leanne Pelosi on the Pro Team.

Check out the Pro Team:


Born in the Pacific Northwest in the shadow of the Cascade Mountains, K2 Snowboarding was raised in the backcountry of Mount Baker. From the beginning, the goal has been to create original concepts and technology that drives the progression of snowboarding. Offering a full-range of boards, bindings, boots, and their collection of Backside backcountry tools, the company meshes fun with serious gear. Twenty-five years later, K2 Snowboarding continues to innovate and grow the sport from the backcountry to the parks and all terrain in between. Seek and Enjoy.


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The Bee’s Knees Ep. 5: Danny Larsen

Metal, dark and controlled chaos is probably the best way to describe Danny Larsen’s unique style and it’s so damn addicting to watch.


Gray Thompson, Eric Messier and Tim Eddy send it to the sky in the newest episode of Warp Wave.

AIR RAID from WARP WAVE on Vimeo.