LG FIS Snowboard World Cup-Ursina Haller Takes 2nd

Ursina Haller (SUI), Holly Crawford (AUS) and Mercedes Nicoll (CAN) shine from the podium

Congrats to Ursina Haller for taking 2nd at LG’s FIS Snowboard World Cup!

Here’s an excerpt form FIS Snowboard from Ursina herself.

Ursina Haller was also satisfied with her first ever podium; especially as she was able to showcase her true riding skills in a World Cup contest for the first time: “So far I wasn’t very successful in the FIS World Cup. I’m happy that I made it today. It was some nice riding today and if good things come out of it, it’s even better,” the 24-years-old stated after having landed “frontside air”, “backside 540″, “frontside 540″, “backside air” and “frontside 720″.

Next week, from March 18th through 21st, 2010, the first ever World Cup finals to be held in Spain will be staged. The final decisions in snowboard cross, halfpipe and parallel giant slalom will be held in La Molina.

Matts Kulesik Wins the 2010 Shakedown!

Congratulations to the newest K2 Team Rider, Matts Kulisek for taking home the win for the 2010 Ride Shakedown!


L-R: Manuel Diaz, Hana Beaman, Matts Kulisek, Megan Ginter, Megan Whiteside, E-Man

2010 Ride Shakedown Finals


1: Matts Kulisek
2: Manuel Diaz
3: E-Man Anderson


1: Megan Ginter
2: Hana Beaman
3: Megan Whiteside

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Check out a short video recap of the Seattle stop of the 2010 Ride Shakedown from SixEleven Productions.

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Jumping By Braille.

Shaun McKay, Yosh, and friends catching some unexpected snow at Mt. Baker, check out The People Crew’s blog post here.

CoverGirl Snow Angles Invitational

Aspen/Snowmass and Gretchen Bleiler will host the third annual CoverGirl Snow Angels Invitational. This is an all-female lifestyle event featuring a snowboard superpipe contest in Snowmass April 2-4, 2010.

“I’m really looking forward to the third annual CoverGirl Snow Angels Invitational, especially after the craziness of the Olympics,” said two-time Olympian and 2010 Winter X Games gold medalist Gretchen Bleiler, “this will be a great opportunity to focus on progressive riding and quality time with all of the girls.”

For more information on the CoverGirl Snow Angels Invitational or anything regarding Aspen/Snowmass please visit www.aspensnowmass.com or call 1-800-525-6200

Danny Larsen Cover Shot on Switch Pages

Switch Cover Danny Larsen

Yes, that’s Danny Larsen on the cover of Switch Pages slaying this slideybox with style!

Euro Julien Falco goes Xtreme

Julien Falco wins the Freeride World Qualifier Event in Nendaz Switzerland and gets a wild card for the final of the Freeride World Tour at the Nissan Xtreme in Verbier.

For ful results, pix and video footage check:




Interview Ben Thomas Javid

To check out the latest bangers of our French Teamrider Ben Thomas Javid, just follow:


K2 Snowboard DEMO – Sol Vista Basin, CO

Date: Saturday, March 13th

Title: K2 Snowboard DEMO – Sol Vista Basin, CO
Location: Sol Vista Basin, Colorado

Description: Consumer Demo with multiple brands where you can try our some of the new K2 equipment! There will be a Winter Carnival, Bands, BBQ, and events.

The Rob Blog: Double Back Rodeo

Robbie Walker just dropped an edit on his blog, “On Tour With Robbie Walker” of him shreddin’ some Breck park. Check it out below!

The complete Shakedown on the Ride Shakedown!


A mob of snowboarders and various industry folk invaded Western Washington late last week for the inaugural U.S edition of the Ride Shakedown. The contest, which has been a Canadian mainstay for nearly a decade, planted its flag at the Summit at Snoqualmie on Friday for a two day snowboarding extravaganza.
The event brought in dozens of the world’s top pro and amateur shredders, all of whom were eager to huck themselves off a mega booter and down a kinked handrail for a chance to get their grubby mitts on a $35,000 prize purse. I won’t get into a blow-by-blow of who did what on which obstacle because, frankly, it was snowing and foggy and I spent a good portion of the weekend at the beer garden.
Here are the highlights:
• Given the roughly 6,000 miles that separate Snoqualmie Pass from his home in Santiago, Chile, Manuel Diaz had a disproportionately large rooting section at the contest. The Diaz delegation, which seemed to number in the dozens, carried Chilean flags and generally went apeshit whenever their boy dropped in. The 27-year-old shredder rewarded their enthusiasm with a couple of solid runs and a multitude of double backside rodeo attempts. He ended up in second place and will fly home $3,000 richer. That’s 1,544,999 Chilean Pesos, in case you were curious
• All three of the top spots in the men’s main event went to non-Americans. In addition to Diaz’s strong second place showing, first and third place awards were given to Canadians K2 rider Matt Kulisek and E-Man Anderson, respectively. Bottom line: Step your game up Americans!
• Diaz was the sentimental favorite, but Washington’s own Austin Hironaka was also getting love from the crowd. Hironaka took the top spot at Friday night’s Rail Jam contest, and the win was doubly impressive considering he didn’t bother hitting the rail. Instead, the University Palace native got creative on a section of the course that sent riders up and over a ten-foot tall spool/totem pole. While most riders were content to throw a nose bonk or straight air over the spool, Hironaka upped the ante with a Miller flip tail grab. The trick earned young Austin five grand, most of which was undoubtedly spent celebrating at the after party at the Hard Rock in Seattle.
• Speaking of the Hard Rock, the mega company can justifiably lay claim to being the real winner of the weekend. The newly-built restaurant and bar played host to Friday and Saturday night after parties, and the booze was flowing freely. Of the 35 grand handed out to winners, I’d bet at least 60 percent of that money is now resting comfortably inside the Hard Rock’s cash registers.
• I hope the good people behind the Ride Shakedown decide to make the Snoqualmie contest an annual event, but if they do I would suggest they consider dropping Muscle Milk as a sponsor. Besides having an unfortunate name that sounds like a euphemism for a certain male bodily fluid, Muscle Milk has the consistency of runny pancake batter and tastes like medicine. I did catch K2 team manager Kevin Winkel chugging a bottle of the stuff, so maybe it’s not all bad.

Final results

1. Matts Kulisek (K2 Snowboarding)
2. Manuel Diaz
3. E-Man Anderson


1. Megan Ginter
2. Hana Beaman
3. Megan Whiteside