Splitboard Radical! Tips from Tim & Hannah Eddy

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The stoke is real. | Colton Jacobs photo

With spring upon us, we wanted to get onto the proverbial right foot for spring splitboard season! We figured who better to chat with than splitboarding power couple Tim & Hannah Eddy. Their ongoing environmental awareness project Do Radical is one of the coolest things in not only snowboarding but the WORLD right now. Their current endeavor “Split the Difference” is a splitboarding photography book with all proceeds going to Protect Our Winters!

split the difference

With that in mind here is the chat we had with the duo.

-Why do you splitboard? 

It sums up our values in the world. You get to enjoy the moment. The pace is slower (no powder panic! 😱). It allows you to appreciate the natural world, it’s environmentally friendly, and provides countless moments of radical!

-What are your top 5 locations?

West Shore Lake Tahoe, Mt. Rose, Donner Summit, Eastern Sierras, and anywhere with soft snow!

-What are your top 10 splitboarding tips/things not to forget?

Be bold, start cold. By that we mean leave the trail head wearing minimal layers, because once you’re moving you’re going to get hot! Always pack a little more food and water than you think. Throw a couple ski straps in your pack in case of skin malfunction, that way you can strap ’em down. Skin management, keep ’em warm and dry. Know before you go, check avalanche reports and dig snow pits. Splitboarding is better with friends. Always pack backcountry tools and know how to use them. Favorite snack…PB&J! Bring a tool. Enjoy the journey, it’s not all about the ride down.

-Could you both tell us your split setup and why you like it?

Tim: 165 Joy Driver Split, long effective edge for traction on the climb up and rips through all kinds of snow conditions on the way down!


Hannah: 152 Northern Lite, stiff enough to handle the mountain but still has a surfy and fun feel.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 1.36.27 PM

The Radical Roamer!

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 1.35.22 PM

Now’s your chance to come up on your own Splitboard! Enter below to win a 158 Joy Driver Split Package if you’re a dude or a 152 Northern Lite package if you’re a lady. Powabunga friends! Full contest rules here.

Legendary Banked Slalom 31

Kael Martin ripping the course

Kael Martin ripping the course

Words and photos by Colton Jacobs: Howdy friends, it was a good time at this years LBS 31. It started off looking sketchy with a massive storm that destroyed the forest heading up to the mountain and closing the road for multiple days (read about the lucky guy that was snowed in here). We had a variety of weather throughout the weekend bringing snow Friday, clouds Saturday and bluebird on Sunday.

Leanne Pelosi

Leanne Pelosi

 The atmosphere at the LBS is unmatched, everyone in the industry is there like a giant high school reunion where the food is delicious, and the stoke is high. Maxx had the Traeger BBQ RV down in the lower lot so at the end of the day we had some premium smoked meats!

Gershon Dorfman

Gershon Dorfman

In between races we rode the Shuksan arm and hemisphere’s to warm up the legs and enjoy the abundance of untracked lines still available if you were willing to hike.

Matt Belzile ready to drop...

Matt Belzile ready to drop…

Kael and Leanne made finals but the rest did not. It was a stiff competition as always and the regulars were on top of their game. Josh Dirksen, Curtis Ciszek, Temple Cummins, and Terje were all super fast but it was Nils Mindnich who won pro mens. 

Regardless of the the competitive aspect the course was so fun and smooth, it was impossible to ride it and not enjoy yourself.  Snowboarding is fun weather you win or lose. I think thats the whole vibe of the LBS in general, good times enjoying the art of snowboarding in a form thats very relatable to just about anyone who can snowboard, no triple corks needed…. however if you did figure out a way to invert down the course and still make a fast time you’d be a legend. 

Kael's stoked!

Kael’s stoked!

To wrap things up, don’t miss our edit TURN from last year’s LBS! Featuring not just the slalom but some fantastic Mt. Baker all mountain ripping.

Video by Liam Gallagher | 🏂 Tim Eddy​ Leanne PelosiLucas Debari​ Ryuji TakaiKyle Miller Kael MartinMatt BelzileJohnny Brady​ | Music: “Ticker” by Silent Partner / “Catch A Way” by Evert Almond / “Gulag Minnesbilden” by Ars Sonor Malga Kubiak

Until next time friends!

CRUISE — Starting the Season Off Right.

Words & Video by Nick Meilleur | Photos by Colton Jacobs /// What an opening month of shredding December was. Mother Nature arrived in the PNW with a resounding blizzard and did not let up for quite some time. Kael Martin, Greg Phillips, Jay Kelly and John Shaw set out to enjoy the goods on opening day at The Summit at Snoqualmie and Alpental. It was pretty hard to find any part of the mountain that wasn’t a ripping good time!

Greg, Shaw and Jay | Colton Jacobs photo

Greg, Shaw and Jay



Hotlapping some of our favorite zones, everyone was real stoked at how light the snow was thanks to lower than average temps we are seeing this winter. Perfect for getting our shred legs back up and running!

Greg, Jay and Kael

Greg, Jay and Kael

Greg sending a backflip. The landing didn't quite work out, but it still looked cool.

Greg sending a backflip. The landing didn’t quite work out, but it still looked cool.

Sometimes you get bit by the pit

Sometimes you get bit by the pit  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The northwest is known for its interesting vegetation, and accumulation of features: pillows, stunt ditches, tree jibs, the list goes on. While the early snowfall did provide excellent coverage, it was fun seeing trees, shrubs and sticks that are usually completely covered up showing their heads (amidst deep pow).


Kael gettin' twiggy wit it.

When we weren’t hitting the side stashes, the slopes were a medley of slashes, bashes, carves and airs.

Mandatory artsy "from the lift" shot of Kael

Kael with a nice carve.

Jay Kelly

Jay serving up some style on the Party Platter. This tail grab 3 was a particular beauty.

At the end of the day, we just wanted to keep ridin’ powder. Lucky for us, the snow came back and free refills became the new policy.




Greg and Kael hidin’ in the white room.



We’re stoked on what’s to come, hope your season is also off to a great start!




Transworld SNOWboarding Awards


The Transworld Snowboarding 2017 gear guide is live and we got top marks across the board! Check out our award-winning gear below and follow individual links to read the full review. We’re stoked to help every snowboarder out there enjoy the sport to the fullest!


K2 eighty seven 87

K2 Eighty Seven: ““Congratulations, K2, you’ve crafted my dream board,” declared one tester, who followed it up by saying, “The directional shape really dials in what you want it to do, and the tail is loaded with energy. The torsional flex enables great edge-to-edge transitions, and the shape really charges through bumps and berms.” Full review here!

K2 Wild Heart

K2 Wild Heart: “I’m a fan of this twin tip’s setback stance because of its floatability, but I also loved how it made quick turns through the bumps.” Full review here!



K2 Ender

K2 Ender: “The K2 Ender lives up to its name as testers’ favorite freestyle boot for 2017. It’s a lightweight, low-volume, mid-flex killer with about everything one could want in an all-around playful boot.” Full review here!

K2 Sapera

K2 Sapera: “A redesign in the K2 line, the Sapera’s Intuition liner quickly molded to testers’ feet, and its contoured footbed, in combination with an efficient inner lacing harness that stayed snug with one pull, kept heels in place.” Full Review here!

K2 Aspect

K2 Aspect: “With help from Lucas Debari, the K2 Aspect was designed to take on the world’s gnarliest mountains and is one of, if not the best splitboarding boot going into 2017.” Full review here!


K2 Lien AT

K2 Lien AT: “Testers saw room for improvement in last year’s Lien AT, and K2 stepped it up for the 2017 edition. They were pleasantly surprised by how stiff and supportive the highback was—and according to K2, it’s 25 percent lighter than last year’s model.” Full review here!

K2 Hue

K2 Hue: “The women’s Hue is an easygoing ride. All of the straps offer hassle-free, tool-less adjustments, and the binding is low on weight. It should appeal to exploratory riders who like to throw down in the park but also lay out soul carves across the rest of the mountain.” Full review here!

K2 Vandal

K2 Vandal:”The K2 Vandal boot with Boa lacing kept our grom testers carving and jumping all over the mountain when they weren’t laughing from all the fun they were having.” Full review here!


K2 Diversion

K2 Diversion: “As part of K2’s helmet line overhaul, the Diversion was updated with a hybrid hard-shell and in-mold construction. The new-look Diversion was the testers’ favorite K2 helmet to date, due to its low-profile shell, low weight, and honeycomb-patterned venting.” Full review here!

K2 and KIND Snacks Join Forces for an Epic Season

KIND Snacks and K2

We’ve all been on the chairlift before, hungry, tired, but wanting to stay on the mountain. We’ve finally got something for you! We are excited to announce the K2 and STRONG & KIND partnership. What’s it all about? Here’s the need-to-know:  Read the rest of this entry »

K2 Tripod Technology: Re-Thinking Baseplate Tech

Tripod Tech

In the market for a new binding? Looking for one with a free and natural connection to your board? We’ve got ya covered. K2 is stoked to introduce Tripod Technology, the  most bio-mechanically correct snowboard binding baseplate possible. One that naturally flexes enhancing the connection and force applied to your board and features three contact point pods that coincide with the three points of contact in your foot provide direct connection for toe and heel side turning and pressure. The end result an incredible connection to your board providing you the ultimate riding experience with support where it’s needed most. Read the rest of this entry »

The Manboys Spring Madness!

Read the rest of this entry »

Summer Essentials

This weekend marks the “unofficial” start of summer. No school, pool days, ice cream trucks, and long nights. Plus, an opportunity to extend your season.

Before running out the door to Mt. Hood, Oregon, Whistler, BC, or a glacier don’t forget your “Summer Essentials”. Your gear on the glacier is just as important as the SPF and we’ve got the perfect kit for you.

The WWW, is a party under your feet. Built with “Tweekend” technology, get maximum press and float all summer long. Pair that up with the Hurrithane binding and Darko boot and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

Just because winter is coming to a close in the northern hemisphere doesn’t mean that your season has too. Look under the couch cushions, mow a few extra lawns, or up the price of your lemonade stand (we know you’re neighbor can afford it) and grab the essentials. See you on the mountain.

Summer Essentials


K2 is Rolling deep at Tom Sims Retro World Championships


Gray Thompson blasting that retro steez in 2014. Photo: @tackittphoto Provided by Snowboard Mag

The day before the day has come and here I sit at home in California before a wave of vintage stoke consumes Boreal Mountain Resort on Tahoe’s Donner Summit. It wont be long before K2’s team of rippers join snowboard lovers old and new in the legendary hand dug Donner half pipe to celebrate the roots of freestyle snowboarding which run deep here in Northern California. Inspired by the surf and skate lifestyle, snowboarding in Tahoe took on a personality of its own and this year rather tomorrow, March, 27 2015 we’ll see a glimpse of what started this whole passion we share called snowboarding. Stay tuned for blog updates, social media insights and shenanigans along the way as we pay our respects to the OG and help foster a history we all appreciate so much.

Lookout for your favorite K2 athletes: Jake Kuzyk, Mat Belzile, Tim Eddy, Leanne Pelosi, Johnny Brady, Mark Wilson, Chris Beresford, Alex Rodway, Danika Duffy and a full on K2 legend we’ll keep anonymous for now…


K2 Global Brand Director Hunter Waldron on the White Wave Movement

From Transworld Business:


At SIA in January, we had the chance to catch up with K2 Snowboarding on some of the brand’s big initiatives moving into 2016 and beyond. A highlight for the snowboarding brand for next season is its Carve Air and Cool Bean boards, two shapes that the brand hopes simplify the way its consumers think about snowboarding and brings them back to the basics, explains K2 Global Brand Director Hunter Waldron.

The boards are part of the brand’s “Seek and Enjoy” campaign, which is in its third year. For 2016, the brand has been playing with the volume of boards in their collection, much like what the surf industry is seeing at the moment, and the result has been several shapes that excel in powder but can also do well in mixed conditions. The boards are “all about riding for what riding is” and creating the soulful vibe that initially inspired many to get involved in the sport.

“It’s our way of saying no matter what you seek, no matter what you are into, K2 supports it,” explains Waldron. “There is no bad way to snowboard as long as you are being yourself and having a good time. The White Wave subtitle we’ve added to that message this year is our way of highlighting a style of riding that is gaining momentum and has potential to become the future of the sport in some way.”

The philosophy opens up a new category within the market that we’ve seen a couple major snowboarding brands leaning towards, and K2 hopes to be at the forefront of the movement with a dedicated effort at retail. We caught up with Waldron to hear more.

Why does K2 see this soulful, surf-inspired snowboard movement as relevant and how does it speak to the brand’s roots and history?

It’s relevant because it is what we are having the most fun doing lately. Our team, our in-house crew, friends, people we look up to – everyone seems to be on this idea of getting back to basics. I think it’s a logical next step for a lot of riders. The pace of trick progression is so intense and a lot of people are stepping off the wheel and looking to a more soulful source of inspiration – that being the beginning of the sport which was about turning and emulating surfing. Also, there is a larger trend towards authenticity and getting back to your roots happening in the world with people giving up fast fashion for heritage brands with long-lasting product. I think it’s the backlash of the pace and flash-then-gone mentality of the internet. People want to act with deeper meaning and this snow-surf vibe K2′s embracing provides that.

This is taken directly from our roots. K2 started back in 1987 when board shapes were very surfy and turning style was measured on how well you could carve, essentially emulating a deep bottom turn. We have always been focused on turning performance and today’s surfy energy is a natural extension of that.

“They make you look at the mountain in a different way that makes riding feel fresh and new again. It’s all about offering a new riding experience.”—K2 Global Brand Director Hunter Waldron

k2 global brand director hunter waldron on white wave movement

K2 team rider Tim Eddy on the new Cool Bean board.

Explain the reasoning behind how K2 has played with the volume in these boards to make them ride well in both powder and mixed conditions?

The Volume theory has its roots in riding a wider, shorter board in soft snow. But, we quickly found out how fun they are on groomers. The extra width gives you more toe clearance for confidently laying it down without toe drag, and the short length makes them easy to redirect and push around. So, of course, they float well in powder, but I am more excited about how these new Volume-shift models turn an average day in the resort on non-fresh snow into some of my favorite days. They make you look at the mountain in a different way that makes riding feel fresh and new again. It’s all about offering a new riding experience.

Can you detail the technology that goes into the Carve Air in particular?

The Carve Air is a wider Happy Hour with a chopped tail. So, it is the first step out along the Volume shift spectrum. By squashing the board to make it wider and shorter you get carving clearance and a board you can redirect faster. The chopped tail gives you a small bit of clearance for handplants and also just looks fast and fun. Really there is more tech built into the Cool Bean. It takes that Volume shift even further, and as a result we had to do some interesting tuning to the shape to amplify the non-powder performance. For example, when you make a board that wide the torsional stiffness of the tail gets crazy big. So the swallow tail is actually a functional way to elevate that torsional stiffness. So it isn’t just for style. It’s a functional thing we tested and developed so that the Cool Bean truly is a board that excels on harder snow.

What sort of retailers are you targeting with the White Wave boards?

K2 offers it to everyone as we believe it is a future segment that all shops should support or will soon. But, we are seeing the more core retailers picking up on it as they are there with us on this mindset and have the customers that are engaged in snowboarding and see this emerging.

Have you seen the boards gaining traction at specialty retailers in more coastal regions than previously?

That is hard to tell yet, but we are excited about how universal the appeal of the White Wave models are. It’s not only about powder. The harder snow regions are stoked on the groomer and mixed conditions performance. As a kid from Michigan originally where the mountains are not as big, I love the fact that you get more fun per vertical feet on these boards. So, we are expecting to see them sell into all regions.