2010/2011 K2 Binding Preview

Hurrithane: $160 & Uprise: $200

Hurrithane: $160 & Uprise: $200

Transworld Business also put together a list of  2010/2011 binding preview from some of the best snowboarding brands, including K2.  Read the interview from K2’s Director of sales, John O’Connor as he discusses the boot lines and the trends shaping them.

John O’Connor, Director of Sales:

What are the top three developments and trends in next year’s bindings?

1. Decreasing weight while increasing functionality.

2. New independently adjusting toe-strap threads for 100% custom fit.

3. New Tweakback™ highback – a super-flexible urethane highback available on the Hurrithane™ and Cassette™ LTD bindings.

Are you going to new materials?

The Tweakback™ urethane highback is the most high-profile new material. Overall, there are minor adjustments to materials and carbon-infused chassis but as the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke…”

What new technologies are being used in your line?

The use of canted and Harshmellow™-equipped footbeds has expanded. Ongoing refining of the highbacks – category specific and ultra-light. Tool-Less adjustment is another big push, where possible.

On the fashion side, what are the themes of your bindings and how are these translating as far as look and feel?

Themes for bindings are definitely inspired from our boards in graphic and color applications. From there it’s taking fresh softgood stylings while adding flavor and compressing them into a hardgoods product. K2 offers a ton of unique and creative embellishments that accent the offering. Appliques, embroidery details, translucent materials, water-dips , metal badges, perf patterns, footbed and high back art and printing, creative use of materials from neoprene to leathers,  pretty much something for all at every pricepoint.

K2 X Michael Sieben Collab featured on Radcollector.com

Picture 31

That’s right kiddies…the new K2 X Michael Sieben collab on the K2 Jibpan Snowboard, Darko Conda Boot, and Auto Uprise Binding has hit Rad Collector status. Click the links or go to RadCollector.com to see what they say.

Pray for Snow!

K2 Eco Pop Featured on ESPN’s Green Guide 2010


Check out ESPN’s Green Guide by Jesse Huffman featuring the K2 Eco Pop Snowboard and tons of other great product buys that are good for snowboarding and sweet Mother Earth. Pray for Snow!!!

Ladies! Win Leanne Pelosi’s Gear!

Win Leanne Pelosi's Gear

Win Leanne Pelosi's Gear

Alright Ladies, here’s a pretty sweet chance to win Leanne’s snowboard gear!

Gear includes:

K2 AirdU snowboard

K2 Auto Agogo bindings

32 Lashed women’s boots

Bonfire Echo jacket

Bonfire Echo pant

Dragon DXS Leanne Signature goggle

Dragon Experience Mellow sunglasses

Dakine Pelosi Signature Helipro pack

Dakine Pelosi Signature Comet glove

Monster Product: Case of Monster, Hoodie, and T-Shirt

What a haul! You don’ t want to regret not entering this contest and missing out on a chance to floss like Leanne.

To enter click HERE!

K2 Slayblade Wins Best of Test – Utah

Picture 46

Brand new for 2010 K2 came out with the all new Slayblade Snowboard featuring Flatline Technology, HARSHMELLOW and HYBRILIGHT CONSTRUCTION The Slayblade has been winning all types of awards for being an amazing ride such as Transworld’s Good Wood, Platinum Pick from Snowboard mag, and Best of Test (as stated here) from Snowboarder MagaazinePicture 47 Go to Snowboarder Magazine to read more about the test

Transworld’s 2010 GoodWood board test winners announced

We bestow our trust in the testers chosen by Transworld to conduct the test and do all that shredding so we have a little more insight on what boards. The results are in and K2 has six boards to be graced with those pretty Good Wood stickers. Look for the Good Wood Stamp of approval on  the VaVaVoom Rocker, EcoPOP, Darkstar, WWW  Rocker, Parkstar, and the Slayblade.

Follow the rest of story here on the Transworld Snow website.

Penguin Collab featuring Slayblade, Auto Binding and Maysis Boot on www.coolhunting.com.

This year we teamed up with Original Penguin Clothing by Munsingware on the brand spanking new Slayblade board, Auto bindings, and totally new Maysis boot. The Slayblade has already won a ton of awards for performance on snow and now is getting all the hype for the great designed look. Click the image below to see what they had to say.

Trip To Mt Hood Part 2

So last night the VideoGrass Premier went down at camp and guess what?  It was AWESOME!  There were tons of kids and the actual world premier is tonight in Portland.  Not only was the movie good, but I got to hang out and have some good old times with some new and old friends!

The Premier
The Premier
Shots with Will, Gabby, Jonas, and Jordan!
Shots with Will, Gabby, Jonas, and Jordan!
Me...I can't remember who took these photos...
Me…I can’t remember who took these photos…
Mike Yoshida sent it again
Mike Yoshida sent it again
Jared and Jonas
Jared and Jonas
Will Bateman took a photo too!
Will Bateman took a photo too!
Anthony didn't want to be in photo, too bad haha.  Anthony is a friend from back home in MN, and hes been interning with Ashbury all summer.
Anthony didn’t want to be in a photo, too bad haha. Anthony is a friend from back home in MN, and he’s been interning with Ashbury all summer.
Jordan Michilot likes it Doggy Style
Jordan Michilot likes it Doggy Style

Geez photos are fun!  So my last day on hill was super fun.  I cruised around the lap park and got dizzy on some picnic tables on a new rocker weapon, be sure to get one this winter cuz those things are tons of fun!

The only snowboarding photo from the whole trip.  The battery died, so it's a good thing I landed this one.
The only snowboarding photo from the whole trip. The battery died, so it’s a good thing I landed this one.

So Mt Hood is super fun!  I’m flying back to MN in the morning and looking forward to the winter!  My trip was awesome!  Thanks Kevin Winkel for getting me a pass and letting me crash.  Thanks Mike Yoshida for driving me around, eating Cobra Dogs, and cooking some amazing food.  And thanks to my friends for gettin loose and having some summer fun!



Living Fast with Tim Eddy, Kirk Kaufman and Chris Beresford

The sun is out, the snow is slushy and the rope tow is in full effect. High Cascade’s park has made some excellent improvements this summer. This video showcases some of the K2 board-riding staff groovin’ out via rope tow. enjoy…

K2 Snowboarders Featured in Snowboarder Magazine Issue 1 of Volume 22

That’s right kiddies, the very first snowboard mag of the season is out! Tons of awesome new photos, 2010 outerwear guide, and these sweet shots of K2 riders Wille Yli-Luoma (still one of the sickest methods ever) and Louie Fountain shredding pow in Oregon in the new SNOWBOARDER MAG …. on shelves now.

Wille is riding the 2010 Turbo Dream Snowboard with All-Terrain ROCKER, and the Formula Bindings

Louie rides his personally designed Believer featuring all new FLATLINE technology. This board includes artwork from his younger brother and quotes from his daughter. He is also on the Auto Ever Bindings and T1 Boots featuring all new Boa-CONDA liner lacing system.