Ladies! Win Leanne Pelosi’s Gear!

Alright Ladies, here’s a pretty sweet chance to win Leanne’s snowboard gear!

Gear includes:

K2 AirdU snowboard

K2 Auto Agogo bindings

32 Lashed women’s boots

Bonfire Echo jacket

Bonfire Echo pant

Dragon DXS Leanne Signature goggle

Dragon Experience Mellow sunglasses

Dakine Pelosi Signature Helipro pack

Dakine Pelosi Signature Comet glove

Monster Product: Case of Monster, Hoodie, and T-Shirt

What a haul!

Buenos Dias! We love Argentina!

Ola from Bariloche, Argentina!   So this was my first trip to South America! Coming from someone who doesn’t speak any Spanish, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to communicate.  I’m thanking myself for going to French immersion, because anytime I has issues ordering food, I would just start speaking french.

Winter time, south of the border……

So, if you’ve been following the blogs, you know that the K2 snowboarding team is down here in Argentina.  We’ve been lucky enough to be hosted by the SASS (South American Snow Session) camp, and it has been the trip of a lifetime!  

Livin Fast Part Deux

Snowboarding is fun even and well especially in the summer time. Especially at High Cascade Snowboard Camp…and especially at Mt Hood….and especially with the K2 team…and especially when it’s really hot…and especially when you are LIVIN FAST!!!

I’m caught up


While on a nature walk at Mt. Hood, my friend Jess Roy called me and wanted to do a ‘caught up’ for Transworld.  Check the link and you can see what we spoke about.

Over and out!