Girlie Camps in Les Deux Alpes, France

What are your plans for the summer? Wanna ride on one of the highest ski areas in the
world? Don’t miss the opportunity to go crazy at an altitude of 2800 to 3600 m, on the
largest skiable glacier in Europe.
This summer GirlieCamps organizes the ultimate snowboarding week for all you girls who
can’t stop thinking of boarding just because the calendar says July. This year we will be
joined by K2 -rider Alicia Bonnaud.
What is included in the camp
? Accommodation, apartments 4-8 person, and you make your own food
? 6 days of lift tickets
? 5 days of coaching
? Coaching and snowboarding with K2 riders
? A dinner at a restaurant
? A goodie bag from our sponsors
? Lesson about safety on the mountain and on the slopes.
? Video analysis to keep up with your progress
? Girlie Snow Compendium
? Sister- and Brother party with Brotherhoodcamps
Information and booking
For more information and booking go to Tell your
friend/boyfriend/brother that he can join brotherhood camps on
Camp dates
The camp takes place July 2-9 and July 9-16

Fossil Fridays – Excavating the K2 “Farmer”

Don’t follow Farmer! Yeah that’s right I said it and so have many others around the snowboard community. Shawn Farmer is a snowboarding icon who, to this day, shreds harder than most pros half his age. Back in ’93 Shawn was one of few who took Alaska by the horns and came out alive. Without guides, Farmer and his crew of mad men destroyed pow lines which are just now being discovered by the general public. We caught up with Farmer recently for some insight on his pro model from back in the day.

“Inspired by hotrod cartoons from the seventies the graphic portrays an out of control tractor dude and cow print because cow print is timeless. Additionally, this was one of the first pintails… which I really didn’t understand at the time… now I ride a pin tail most of the time; that and the Gyrator which is pretty sick in the pow.”

Check out the video of Farmer and our homie Nick Perata smashing pow lines in Alaska, vintage style.

The original page straight from the catalogue

The original page straight from the catalogue

WTF is Fossil Fridays?

How’s it going suckas, Pete here. In case you didn’t know, K2 Snowboarding has been in the game now for just about 25 years. During this time not only has K2 been supported by many of the industry’s top snowboarders but they’ve executed damn good work to progress the product side of our beloved sport as well.

Over the next six weeks we are going to excavate some of the fossils, taking a look at the most revolutionary moments in K2 Snowboarding’s history. Centered around influential riders and the boards they rode we’re taking a step back in time (some further than others) as a way to investigate progressive moments in snowboarding. You can look forward to the voices of Shawn Farmer, Chris Engelsman, Travis Parker, Bobby Meeks, Wille Yli-Luoma and Gretchen Bleiler walking you through board design and the inspiration behind their board graphics.

Legend big mountain rider, Shawn Farmer will be kicking things off next week. In the meanwhile, here’s one of my favorite snowboard parts of all time. SNOWBOARDING IS FUN, SO HAVE FUN SNOWBOARDING!

Dangerzone “Grabistory” with Tim Eddy

Went up on the mountain and caught some air, grabbed my board, tweaked out, and had a blast with some friends. Here’s a video from the day.

Dangerzone Season 3 Episode 14- “Grabistory” from Nick Visconti on Vimeo.

Party On,
Tim Eddy

Champion of the 2010/11 K2 PopThis! Highest Ollie Tournament!

K2 Snowboarding was out and about in 12 countries across Europe with the PopThis! Tour – the
Highest Ollie Tournament came to town. A unique, “snow free” ramp made with drymats provided
competitors the run up needed to show how much pop they had in their thighs.
After 5 months and nearly 100 tour stops, the K2 Highest
Ollie Tournament reached its climax on April 2, 2011. The 9
national finalists (Germany, Finland, Holland, Italy, Austria,
Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and the Czech Republic) battled
it out at the Pop This! Grande Finale in Flauchauwinkl,
Salzburger Land, Austria. This was to be no run-of-the mill
talent show and there were neither grudges nor excessive
competitiveness. Once the finalists had been shown to their
luxury apartment, the welcome packs were handed over and
the party started.
The Absolut Park Spring Battles in Flachauwinkel were also on at the same time as the Pop This!
Grande Finale, which made for wild mix of crazy snowboarders and party people. It also meant that the
K2 Highest Ollie tour stop winners got a perfectly shaped park to ride on the Friday.
For the finals on Saturday, the weather turned out just perfect with sunshine and mountain bluebirds.
The Pop-This! set-up was ready to go and the rules were explained. Each rider got one attempt to clear
the bar in a clean Ollie, together with their board. They were also given a single joker, which they could
play if they messed up. The bar was first set at 50cm, which the riders easily popped with switch and
180 Ollies. It was then raised at 10cm intervals to 70cm, where the first jokers were used and the field
started to slowly thin out. By 95cm, there were only two riders left, Sebi Mueller (GER) and Puntus
Kjaellstroem (SWE), who went on to contest the exciting finale at 100cm between them.
Puntus failed at his first attempt and had already played his joker in the previous round. Sebi, who had
managed to keep his joker, cleared the amazing height of 100cm on his second attempt – by a whisker.
For his extraordinary Ollie, Sebi Mueller from Germany received
not just the first ever K2 Pop This! Highest Ollie Tournament
trophy, but also won a trip to the High Cascade Snowboard
Camp on Mount Hood, Oregon, United States. Puntus, who came
second and Petr who took fourth place were both awarded a K2
Fastplant Set-Up (third-placed K2 Teamrider Alex Walch passed
his prize on to Petr).
After the finale, the boys were able to rest and chill on their sunny
balcony, before the end-of-competition free-beer party which rounded off the first ever K2 Pop This! tour
in fitting style.
Big thanks to One Big Park, Urban Ears, Absolut Park and Oefi from Pleasure Mag!
Be sure to check out the video
and facebook

Success In Alaska

As I sit here in the Anchorage airport waiting on my flight to depart my attention is easily distracted. It is currently blue here in Alaska and the surrounding snow covered mountains bring my thoughts right back to the gypsy tour we recently embarked on. From Valdez to Turnagain Pass, our crew consisting of K2 riders Kyle Miller, Aaron “A-Rob” Robinson and friends Early Reynolds and Chase A.K.A. Goose, spent the last week shredding the best conditions available.

As you may have heard, Alaskan weather is hit and miss where snowboarding quickly becomes a game of predicting weather windows and shredding every possible sunny minute available. As Thompson Pass socked in we packed up and made our way back towards Anchorage before our RV transformed into a snow cave. Yesterday, our final full day in Alaska we met up with some buddies from Tailgate and rallied snow machines out to Turnagain Pass for untouched pow lines.

If it’s 3,000ft surf turning pow runs you crave, Alaska has it. If it’s unlimited airs into steep wide open powder fields, Alaska has it and if it’s mind blowing, exposed spine runs that’ll have you wishing you were anywhere except the top of the run, Alaska has that as well. The amazing work of Mark Sullivan and Nick Perata has given thousands of people the opportunity to achieve their dream snowboarding trip and to be completely honest, it’s much more achievable than you think. Start saving your money for next year because I promise this trip will change your life. Maybe we’ll see you up there next year!

Alyeska’s Our New Home

Our crew has just sat down for some dinner at Alyeska Resort just outside of Anchorage, AK.

After a blue bird day played host to the King Of The Hill, the sun soon was hidden by a good-ole-fashion Alaskan blizzard. They call it a “mega low” pressure system which socks in, pukes snow, and doesn’t let up for possibly weeks on end.  In an effort to keep shredding we picked up and drove back through Anchorage to Alyeska Ski Resort for some tree riding.

Upon arriving, the people at Alyeska were extremely accommodating so without hesitation we quickly laced up our swampy boots and hit the lifts. Sunshine and pow helped liven up the day as well!

Check out this first photo of ARob’s line in King Of The Hill. The absolute straight line through the lookers right shoot is it. His second line was the exact same but switch. SCARY!

Tailgate Alaska – Day 2.5

Tailgate Alaska is Another Planet!

So were up here at Tailgate Alaska and as promised we’re taking some time off from surf slashing pow to fill you in with a little action. After arriving last night, Earl Reynolds and I met up with K2 riders Aaron Robinson and Kyle Miller for a little bad boy soda before cooking up the most insane Salmon bake I’ve ever devoured.

As the sun began to set the snow showers started up and gave way to a partly cloudy day today. Here are a couple photos to hold you over. The mountains here are mind blowing!

Splitboarding powpow!

Yesterday was a glorious day of splitboarding, powder snow, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, beautiful scenery, oh and more powder snow. This is one of Tahoes many peaks that are easily accessible via splitboard(the best invention since pizza). Hope you enjoy this video of a most excellent day! -Tim

PowPow from Tim Eddy on Vimeo.