ARob Won Again!

Aaron (ARob) Robinson went off on Saturday at the North Face Masters in Kirkwood, California. Claiming two of the three wins this year at Snowbird and Kirkwood, ARob is the North Face Masters 2011 overall champion. Check out the full story…

ARob getting dowsed in booze

ARob getting dowsed in booze

Jack a blog sunday.

We have had a few days off while the snow reloads up in the alpine. The BC backcountry is hard on these machines and making sure your sled is dialed in is critical. Here are a few pics of Eero Niemela and Eric Jackson working on there sleds.


Dan Sorcinelli – Northwest Rep of the Year

Congratulations, Dan Sorcinelli for winning Rep of the year in the Northwest! Get the story and interview from Transworld Business by accessing the link below.

Just another day on the job.

Just another day on the job.

Aaron Robinson wins first stop of The north Face Masters


VIDEO below

Aaron Robinson talks about TNFMasters

Backyard Boardin!

Splitboarding has changed my life. It’s the best invention since snow….oh and pizza. It turns snowboarding into even more of an adventure. It’s not all about the decent (although that will always be the best part), its about being outside in the mountains and soaking in mother natures finest. I’ve been splitboarding almost everyday for the past week and it just keeps getting better and better. There’s endless opportunities and a lifetime of self propelled slashin and bashin. You can literally do it from your front door…here’s a little video from my front door the other day. Enjoy -Tim Eddy

Backyard Boardin! from Tim Eddy on Vimeo.

Introducing Mason Aguirre

K2 Snowboarding is proud and honored to add Mason Aguirre to the International Pro Team. Welcome Mason!

Dangerzone “North Lake Vs. South Lake”

Dangerzone episode three! We went down to Sierra at Tahoe for some good old fashioned competition. It was north lake tahoe boarders vs. southlake tahoe boarders and it was a blast. Here’s the video..enjoy!

Dangerzone Season 3 Episode 4- “North Lake Vs. South Lake” from Nick Visconti on Vimeo.

check out… the K2 SNOWBOARDING BOWL

Oh man, scope the progress out back…Getting close! Siked!

Blurry mess of future fun!patchwork_love

check out the iPhone hands! a Blurry mess of future fun!

Project Snow

Yesterday was a glorious day up at Mt. Rose volunteering for project snow. Project snow is a non-profit that takes at risk youth from Reno up to the slopes to promote fun and a healthy lifestyle through snowboarding. Best thing ever! So me and the rest of the volunteers meet up with the kids and tried to teach them a thing or two about snowboarding. It was a blast and half and there is nothing better than helping out some stoked boarders! Check out project snows site its a beautiful thing! “moose with hat”

“MOOSE WITH HAT” (2010) from 8MILELIFE on Vimeo.