The Chillest of Wildernesses – A trip to the Chillderness with Tim Eddy

THE CHILLDERNESS from Greg weaver on Vimeo.


The Chillderness is the chilliest of wildernesses. It is located with in a forest of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. It consists of Pines, Firs, Manzanita, Juniper, and granite of all shapes and sizes. I live there with my girlfriend Hannah and all of the wildlife abound.  Our closest friends are the deer, chipmunks, nighthawks, and bears. Generally the conversations go one way but from time to time a response is felt.

We moved onto the raw land with dreams of a most excellent life of creative simplicity. We first began by camping in order to make friends and familiarize with the land. The next step was shelter. There’s a west-facing slope with views of the pacific crest, a lake, and sunset, which was the obvious choice for a cabin. The cabin we built is 192 square feet with a shed roof and deck that equally matches the size of the house. We used trees from the property as the post foundation. The windows, door, roofing, and siding were all reclaimed with recycled cotton insulation. The electricity is provided by a solar panel to charge a laptop computer, our cellular telephones, a few LED lights, and a small music speaker. A well on the property produces all the water. During the winter the woodstove heats the house, the water, and is used for all of the cooking. During the summer months we heat our water with the sun through our solar shower and cook primarily on the outdoor grill. We have a five star state of the art deluxe toilet set up consisting of a 5-gallon bucket with a toilet seat. It’s portable so in the summer it can be placed outside in front of your view of choice and during the winter it can be placed right next to the warmth of the woodstove. Its gets emptied in to our compost pile along with our sink grey water and food scraps. No bad days and no utility bills! Just down a path from the house we constructed a concrete creation for skateboarding. With help some from some skilled friends in the art of concrete park building we now have about an 850 square foot, 4ft tall with a 6ft extension, concrete wave. It has pool coping, steel coping, slappy curbs, hips, love seats, pump bumps, banks, and mind melting lines!

There’s a bright future for the Chillderness. Now that our main priority of shelter and skateable terrain is done we are planning the next projects. Swimming hole, wood fired hot tub, greenhouse, zip line, and farm animals. A section of the land has a radical slope that will be turned into a rhythm section, slalom course, log jamming run of glorious snowboarding action. After all of these projects are finished we will never have to leave the chilliest of wilderness.


K2 Snowboarding Wins Three Good Wood Awards

K2’s Turbo Dream, Fastplant and Raygun have all been awarded TWSnow Good Wood awards for 2014. If you dream of snowboarding hard enough maybe Santa will put one under the tree this winter.





K2 Snowboarding Presents: Road Rage from K2 Snowboarding on Vimeo.


SEATTLE, WASHINGTON (November 6, 2014) The snow is flying and Christmas is right around the corner. In the spirit of the
season, K2 Snowboarding is sending Tim Eddy on one lucky Grand Prize winner’s next snowboarding road trip during the 2015 season while hooking up three others with pieces of Tim’s Road Rage K2 gear.

We’re requesting photos of your most memorable road trip and we’re leaving Tim Eddy in charge of choosing the photo he likes best, essentially the photo that displays the raddest vibe in Tim’s eyes. After all, he will be joining for a weekend…

Here’s how it works:

Email your photo to between November 6 – November 20th, 2014. We’ll load all of the entries to K2’s Facebook page and on Friday, November 21st Tim Eddy will choose his favorite photo. The winner will be notified via email and announced on K2’s Facebook and Instagram page.

But we’re not stopping there; in an effort to include all those stuck in school or a 9-5 job we are also hooking up the first, fifteenth and twenty-fifth entries with pieces of Tim’s Road Rage setup from K2.

Prize breakdowns look like this:

Grand Prize (Tim’s favorite photo) – Surprise pack from K2 and Tim Eddy in your car for a weekend of shredding during winter 2015.

1st Overall Entry –  Happy Hour board from K2.

15th Overall EntryMaysis boots from K2.

25th Overall EntryLien FS bindings from K2.

View official contest rules and regulations


Boo! Happy HallowLIEN.

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. Not only does it mean winter is right around the corner, but it also gives us a chance to dress up in incredibly stupid costumes, consume massive amounts of sugar, and scare our friends and family. To celebrate this wonderful holiday we’re celebrating by giving away a pair of LIEN bindings and calling it HallowLIEN.


Happy HalloLIEN

HalloLIEN Binding Contest

Grab your best costume, throw in some snowboarding flare, and use the hashtag #K2HallowLIEN on Facebook or Instagram for a chance to win. Over a large bowl of candy and some spiked cider the crew at K2 will choose the winner based off of creativity and originality. Who said Frankenstein or the sexy nurse doesn’t snowboard? Give us your best for a chance to win! Entries must be in by midnight PST on Nov. 1, 2014.*

Happy HallowLIEN!

*Rules and Regulations

K2 Maysis wins Snowboard Mag Platinum Pick

From Snowboard Mag:

Sometimes you’ll see a kid wearing little more than a cape and a pair of boots. This is because they know what’s important. At Snowboard Magazine we also value the importance of good boots — and capes for that matter. The point is, you should want to wear your boots as much as possible, not dread putting them on.

K2 Presents Highlites Photo Show at EVO Seattle

Highlites Photo Show at EVO Seattle from K2 Snowboarding on Vimeo.

There is so much more to be told in the story of a season. Forty-five minute snowboard movies and monthly publications certainly do justice but often times many of the photos, video clips, early wake ups, sled blowups, injuries and rag dolls are lost in the mere glimpse of A-grade content released to the public every Fall. Even the photos and video elements that do make final production tend to get lost these days quicker than ever before given our content consumption rate as humans in the 21st century.

It is with this concept in mind that K2 Snowboarding decided to Highlite moments both present and past as a way of preserving what our athletes and photographer <a href=””>Justin L’Heureux</a>     have accomplished over the years. With great pleasure we introduced the first annual Highlites photo show here in Seattle back on September 25th. The K2 team was on hand signing autographs for a sold out, all-ages show which included Seattle’s premier showing of Mayday, the new movie from <a href=” “>Video Grass</a>. Mayday is now available on the iTunes store, download it <a href=””>here</a>.



The Transition Home

Danny Larsen can’t wait to drop in

We’re officially in a transition period between summer shred and the snowy winter months we call “Home.”  To help pass the time we reached out to fellow Minnesota snowboarder Dylan Cook for support in passing the time.

By Dylan Cook:

After an amazing few months of summer riding, warm weather snowboarding has come to an end. Many annual events took place this summer at Mt. Hood such as the Merrill Mini-Pipe Invitational, the Drink Water Rat Race, Ollies for Alzheimers, and the new Team Sports event sponsored by K2 and Ride snowboards. Now that the all the summer fun has come to an end, we are faced with the long and always agonizing wait for pow to fly and lifts to start cranking again.

Lucky for us, there are many ways to help make the wait less painful and feel just a bit quicker and easier. Nationwide there are kick off events to fuel our desire to ride and load us up on inspiration. Some events to help get your snowboard fix will be taking place in the upcoming months. Make sure to keep your eye out for the Red Bull Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails at Bear Mountain on September 27th. This event will be streaming the webcast so everyone can watch it live to get their fix of rails and tricks. Along with that, there is the DownTown ThrowDown on October 11th happening this year in Boston, Massachusetts. Nationally that’s all good but don’t forget to check in with your local spots. It is very common for local resorts to have rail jams and events to kick off the season and get riders in the mood. Here in the midwest we have killer jams on ice rink snow with the sun shining and rail hits going down all around.

A staple in snowboarding has always been snowboard videos and this in-between period is when many videos premiere. Some videos to look forward to are Think Thank’s Right Turn Left Turn, Brothers Factory’s LosBum, Absinthe’s Heavy Mental, and Videograss’s Mayday just to name a few. Every season the level of riding is raised and this season you can expect some heavy parts from rookies and legends alike.

The fix is on month after month and the season has only just begun! Combine all this with the wide array of summer and season edits to watch and you should be able to survive this long and agonizing wait.

K2 Snowboarding Presents: Highlites

On September 25th K2 Snowboarding is hosting a photo art show featuring images from our own Justin L’Heureux. These photos will portray images of K2 athletes from years past that we feel stand out from the rest and thus need some extra love. In addition we’ll be showing Mayday, the new shred flick from Video Grass, hooking up everyone of age with free beer and the chance to win product from K2. There is a cover of $5 with proceeds supporting Snowboard Outreach Society.

Confirmed athletes for the event include:

Jake Kuzyk, Lucas Debari, Matt Belzile, Chris Beresford, Shaun McKay, Tim Eddy, Leanne Pelosi, Alex Rodway and Taylor Godber.

Seek, Find and Enjoy!

Ready, set, search! Open up your Instagram account and follow the hashtag #SeekFindandEnjoy for a chance to win a plethora of FREE product. Throughout the month of September we’ll be giving away everything from snowboards to swag! How do you win? It’s easy.


Ready, Set, Search

Throughout the month we’ll be posting pictures across N. America and using the hashtag #SeekFindandEnjoy, each post will give photographic evidence where the product is hidden and how you can claim it! You may even meet one of our pro riders! Stay tuned all month and be ready to search. Party on.  

Click HERE for Rules and Regulations!

K2 and Ride’s Team Sports Full Edit – Snowboarder Mag


Summer Games: K2 and Ride Snowboards Team Sports from Snowboarder Magazine on Vimeo.

The opportunity to take runs with your favorite professional snowboarder is a highlight for the campers that flock to summer snowboard camp. This summer, Ride and K2 upped the ante for a group of groms who participated in the second SNOWBOARDER Magazine Summer Games event, Team Sports. With the support of three pro captains from K2 and three from Ride the campers had to land a series of jump and rail tricks in order to claim the ‘W’ for their respective team. In the end, it was Minnesotan Dan Liedahl’s crew that came out on top and earned the first-ever Team Sports title.

Team Sports is part of SNOWBOARDER Summer Games. Stay tuned for more photo and video coverage from each of the Summer Games events. Nexen Tires is the official tire sponsor of the SNOWBOARDER Summer Games.