Danny Larsen takes home Method Mags newest cover

It’s no secret Danny Larsen has style. Whether he’s getting creative riding some Norwegian trees or drawing them in a gloomy dark wilderness scene when he’s done, Danny approaches life in a very unique and interesting way. We believe his style here has done well in designing Method Mags newest cover, simply a method for Method the Danny Larsen way.

Photo: Bob Plumb

Issue 14.2

This Is Me: Shaun McKay (Teaser)

Shaun McKay went berzerk this last season out in Whistler, his full part will drop here exclusively and with Transworld Snowboarding on October 24. Here’s a teaser to tie you over.


Shaun This Is Me Teaser from K2 Snowboarding on Vimeo.


We told you Matt knew how to snowboard…. really freakin well!

This is Me: Matt Belzile (2013 Full Part) – Global from K2 Snowboarding on Vimeo.

K2uesdays is back in Portland for another round – Coming this October

K2uesdays is one of Portland’s most anticipated runs of snowboard debauchery. Summer is coming to an end but let’s face it we’re all drooling over snowboarding by this time anyway.  If you’re in Portland this month come join us for multiple parties in the name of snowboarding. First up we’ve got Airblaster’s “Gone WIld” flick featuring K2 riders Nick Dirks, Leanne Pelosi, Tim Eddy and Ben Lynch.


You’ve seen the teaser and you’re loosing your mind to see the full part, we know we know we feel the same way. Matt Belzile crushes it on his snowboard and his full part will drop with TWSnow.com this Thursday, October 10. In the meantime enjoy this photo and let your mouth water in anticipation.

Photo: Justin L’Heureux : Whistler

This is Me: Matt Belzile Teaser

Matt Belzile Full Part Teaser from K2 Snowboarding on Vimeo.

Video Grass Premiers “The Last Ones” in Seattle: Thursday, Sept. 26

Weather is finally getting colder here in the Northwest which makes it perfect timing for a snowboard video premier. Come hang and watch “The Last Ones” from Video Grass and leave with free gear.

$5 admission includes one raffle ticket – Proceeds benefit SOS

Lucas Debari’s GO! Boardin movie drops tomorrow at TWSnow.com

But for now, take some time to cruise through the series edits which posted throughout last season.

GO! A Snowboard Road Trip-Webisode 1-Intro from GO! A Snowboard Road Trip on Vimeo.

GO! A Snowboard Road Trip-Webisode 2-Jackson from GO! A Snowboard Road Trip on Vimeo.

GO! A Snowboard Road Trip-Websiode 3-Nelson: BC from GO! A Snowboard Road Trip on Vimeo.

GO! A Snowboard Road Trip – Websiode 4 – Washington from GO! A Snowboard Road Trip on Vimeo.

High Cascade Session 5 Video

Johnny Brady has been making a mess of the glacier out there at HCSC this summer. Check him out in session five’s video, sounds like he’s loving that new Fastplant with those bugged out eyes.

video grass world premier in portland on wednesday

If you live anywhere near Portland than you might want to come out to the Hollywood Theater Wednesday, July 24 for the world premier of VG’s new movie “The Last Ones.” The crew just finished their signature session at High Cascade Snowboard Camp so chances of seeing your favorite pros are pretty high. Jake Kuzyk and Nick Dirks will be there for sure and if you don’t come for the video, at least come to examine Dirks’ assortment of tattoos, their pretty amazing.

See you there!