Good Bye Argentina

So I have been home for a couple of days but just wanted to drop some photos from the end of the Trip. Argentina and SASS was a great time. We got some Pow Pow and had lots of fun.

Sass/Bariloche Winter Break Extravaganza!

Hola Amigos y Amigas! I’m just hanging out in my apartment at the Sass Camp getting ready to head back to the States after a 6 day adventure in the A Factor. The A Factor is name for Argentina and the way this country operates, which is in a way unlike any other.

Greetings From Argentina

Hello all you of you K2 Blog readers out there . We (the K2 team, well some of us) just spent our first day on the hill in Argentina. We got some powder but it was not very much. We are hoping it snows some more so we can get after it.