Eero Niemela’s Gear Up For Grabs

Photo: Daniel Blom

Is the economic downturn cutting your snowboard funds short?  Don’t know how the heck you’re going buy some of this years K2 gear??

Well is giving you a chance to win some of this years Eero Niemela’s Snowboard gear!

His set-up includes the K2 Slayblade Snowboard, the Maysis Boot, and Auto Bindings.  Also included is the Volcom’s Gigi Ruf Jacket,  Condition Pant, and PC Glove.  A pair of Spy Zed goggles and the Vestal Destroyer Watch.

What more could you ask for with a head-to-toe kit like this?

Penguin Collab featuring Slayblade, Auto Binding and Maysis Boot on

This year we teamed up with Original Penguin Clothing by Munsingware on the brand spanking new Slayblade board, Auto bindings, and totally new Maysis boot. The Slayblade has already won a ton of awards for performance on snow and now is getting all the hype for the great designed look. Click the image below to see what they had to say.