Shotgun with Chris Beresford from Think Thank

Ride along with Chris Beresford and the Think Thank crew for a quick inside look at Chris’ brain as they film for the new movie Right Brain Left Brain.

Shotgun with… Chris Beresford from Sean Genovese on Vimeo.

Brighton boarding and non sense

Hey everyone….just a quick day in the life here in Utah as we film for the new Think Thank video Right Brain, Left Brain…

Shots from ECS

Check out these sick shots of team riders Chris Beresford and Justin Mullen Eastcoast Snowboarding Magazine! Beresford hits up the carpet slopes of Liberty Snowflex, VA. Take a gander at their digital copies online here!

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Chris Beresford HCSC

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Early season Beres-claw-ford video edit…The Blandford Edition

Chris Beresclawford goes to Blandford – The Video Edit

Cool Story and Get Real Premiere – Presented by Fat Trax and Theory


On Deck: A Chris Beresford Interview in Snowboarder Mag

Picture 10


Love at First Sight – Frequency Bloggins Part II

Photos and Words By Colin Wiseman
Photo: Chris Beresford

Termas de Chillan, Chile – Love at first site—it’s a rarity. But when I met La Rosa, I knew it was
Photo: La Rosa

Don’t go thinking I just met my bride-to-be. No, La Rosa is a van and a guy named Sebastien owns her. She is big, red, has duallies on the back, and a grained-wood interior. She has a sink, dual benches, storage, and, with a little effort, you can fit a dozen shreds and gear in her to go riding at Termas de Chillan. A worthy object of affection indeed.

Photo: Hiking to the hot springs

Termas de Chillan lies a five hour train ride and two hour bus ride south of the Chilean capitol of Santiago and is where I spent the last three days with the K2 Snowboards crew. Despite warm weather, rain, snow, sleet, and limited sleep, we managed to find a lot of fun features to ride amongst the expansive, rolling volcano upon which the resort is built. From the dragon’s tail, a gnarled, curve tree to natural quarterpipes and gully slashers, Termas delivered in less than epic conditions. It was three fun days of riding on sketchy, curved pomas and dilapidated doubles with trees trying to hook your board off and nights gambling in the casino at the resort amongst the Chilean bourgeoisie.

Photo: Aaron Robinson

But three days isn’t long and we are now back in Farellones for three more days of sun-drenched riding at the triple resorts of La Parva, Valle Nevado and El Colorado, where road runs beckon and a reasonable park keeps the jib-friendly occupied. But it feels like something is missing—riding the resort shuttles just seems to lack a bit of character after our time in Chillan.
Photo: The Crew

Viva La Rosa—and here’s to more good riding in the southern hemisphere.

For more sweet stories form the Frequency Crew go to:

Livin Fast Part Deux

Livin’Fast #2 from James Mustico on Vimeo.

Snowboarding is fun even and well especially in the summer time. Especially at High Cascade Snowboard Camp…and especially at Mt Hood….and especially with the K2 team…and especially when it’s really hot…and especially when you are LIVIN FAST!!!