ISENSEVEN Trailer Premiere

Thei7 crew is coming up with a new movie this fall. “Don’t Panic”
These days even the trailer gots to be premiered. MUNICH/ GERMANY

trailer premierei7

The club is pretty tiny, better be there early.
Wednseday June 2nd
Elli Disco – Elisenstr.


freestyle is coming to BERLIN!
This weekend Colin will give it a second try to show what he’s got!
fsb_09_plakat_a3 Ready for take-off at Berlin-Tempelhof Airport
They are back in flight! Just one year following its shutdown, freestyle birds of flight will soar the skies
over Berlin Tempelhof Airport. 2009 is over and the winter season officially launched! Unfortunately Colin bailed his runs after he impressed everyone with his sick stomped tricks in the training runs. We believe, he will show his potential in Berlin in 2 weeks!

Zimtstern in the woods

You should check the brand new Zimtstern TV spot “Leaves”!
One of the riders is Colin Frei and the incredible pictures had been directed by former K2 Rider Marco Lutz.

Spot “Leaves”
QuickTime (.mov Format)




There’s also a making of:

Anyone who can tell us what skateboarders cruised the woods in which movie will receive a brand new K2 T-Shirt!