sad day for the world of the lonely hearted women

Mr Dan Espen Moeller Larsen aka Danny Larsen is on the hook! FOR REAL!
After (felt) 47 years Danny and Gro said yes – YES!

Congratulations to the Berentsen-Larsen Family.
Enjoy your honeymoon in Thailand and Bali!
Watch the sun, to much complexion doesn’t suit your black, long hair!

Guitar stuff

If you de-tune your E-string down to D and keep the rest of the strings in place it sounds pretty damn badass. I’m gonna play some blues the rest of the day on my beaten up ’70s amp and les paul copy while practising a Slash power stance.

Livin Fast Part Deux

Livin’Fast #2 from James Mustico on Vimeo.

Snowboarding is fun even and well especially in the summer time. Especially at High Cascade Snowboard Camp…and especially at Mt Hood….and especially with the K2 team…and especially when it’s really hot…and especially when you are LIVIN FAST!!!


Jetlag is no fun, no fun at all. I’ve already watched 2.5 hours of entertainment and it’s about 5 a.m… sweet.

Yarrrrgh! Pirates’ Jolly roger Trailer – winkel

More jolly Snowboarding >>

Danny Larsen is on Twitter…


He’s got more to say than most. Plus he’s from Norway so he knows all the best hidden black metal. Follow him through K2 SB on Twitter: Twitter/K2snowboarding or you can find him here: Twitter/DannyLarsen


Check Danny’s blog for full-time antics from Europe’s Dark Prince – footprints from the netherworld; flying toilets in Amsterdam; broken glass…and MORE! – The in sound from Europa!