Fossil Fridays – Excavating the K2 “Farmer”

Don’t follow Farmer! Yeah that’s right I said it and so have many others around the snowboard community. Shawn Farmer is a snowboarding icon who, to this day, shreds harder than most pros half his age. Back in ’93 Shawn was one of few who took Alaska by the horns and came out alive. Without guides, Farmer and his crew of mad men destroyed pow lines which are just now being discovered by the general public. We caught up with Farmer recently for some insight on his pro model from back in the day.

“Inspired by hotrod cartoons from the seventies the graphic portrays an out of control tractor dude and cow print because cow print is timeless. Additionally, this was one of the first pintails… which I really didn’t understand at the time… now I ride a pin tail most of the time; that and the Gyrator which is pretty sick in the pow.”

Check out the video of Farmer and our homie Nick Perata smashing pow lines in Alaska, vintage style.

The original page straight from the catalogue

The original page straight from the catalogue


Saturday, October 17th!!!!!!?This is insane! In central Europe, more closely in Germany, we had 27 °C last week! Now it’ s around 2-5 only. Snowfall above ca 700 m!!!?I’ve been following the snow forecast the whole week. This morning I wanted to see how much it really was? I’ve done early season days in Spitzingsee (1 hour from Munich) before. That was, if it was early/mid November….?Of course the lifts are still closed, but the terrain is not rocky or anything. Perfect for getting the first snow experience not on an overcrowded, overpriced glacier resort.

I took a quick decision after checking the webcams and packed my stuff and hit the road. Just me, myself, and THE board for those days – Gyrator time!

me and my

Munich 9.00 am

Spitzingsee parking lot 10.00 am, 1100 m
parking 2

Some tracks in early-early season pow

tracks up

look back

Touring skiers are faster on the way up, due to the tracks. They can’t beat a Gyrator on the way down though!

Rosskopf, peak 11.00 am, 1600 m; feeled temperature: -15° C
I hope winter will continue like this amazing kick off day!