Chris Beresford & Steve Cartwright 11/12 Re-edit

Chris Beresford and Steve Cartwright here for ya this afternoon. These two dudes have creativity and style practically unmatched. For more on Beresford check out Think Thank’s “Mind The Video Man” and Cartwright in Snowboard Canada’s 2012 release, “Relax.” These dudes rip!

Nick Dirks & Jordan Mendenhall 11/12 Re-edit

There’s nothing better than watching legendary riding along side a younger generation. Jordan Mendenhall has been dropping banger video parts since you were pooing in diapers and Nick Dirks is well on his way to doing the same. Both Nick and Jordan ripped around with Video Grass this year, check em out in “The Darkside” available now at kick ass snowboard shops and iTunes stores near you.

Ski Barn’s 2010 Tent Sale!

Ski Barn just had their 2010 tent sale last week. We headed over Saturday to help out with the sale at the Lawrenceville, New Jersey store; the 90 degree weather wasn’t equating to snowboard products in many people’s minds. Good thing the great deals on the 2011 products had our back. There was some good traffic throughout the day; there were many K2 boards, bindings and boots sold! Everyone was stoked on their new set-ups! Ben, Rich, and Ryan from Ski Barn held down the place pretty well and they have a ton of knowledge so make sure you go see those guys! They’ll hook you up with the right set-up.


Yeah that's the Tweakback Highback constructed for gnarleyness!

Yeah that's the Tweakback Highback constructed for gnarleyness!

mmm Fastplant!

mmm Fastplant!

Ski Barn Crew lookin fresh with the new product

Ski Barn Crew lookin fresh with the new product. AMERICA!

2010/2011 K2 Binding Preview

Hurrithane: $160 & Uprise: $200

Hurrithane: $160 & Uprise: $200

Transworld Business also put together a list of  2010/2011 binding preview from some of the best snowboarding brands, including K2.  Read the interview from K2’s Director of sales, John O’Connor as he discusses the boot lines and the trends shaping them.

John O’Connor, Director of Sales:

What are the top three developments and trends in next year’s bindings?

1. Decreasing weight while increasing functionality.

2. New independently adjusting toe-strap threads for 100% custom fit.

3. New Tweakback™ highback – a super-flexible urethane highback available on the Hurrithane™ and Cassette™ LTD bindings.

Are you going to new materials?

The Tweakback™ urethane highback is the most high-profile new material. Overall, there are minor adjustments to materials and carbon-infused chassis but as the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke…”

What new technologies are being used in your line?

The use of canted and Harshmellow™-equipped footbeds has expanded. Ongoing refining of the highbacks – category specific and ultra-light. Tool-Less adjustment is another big push, where possible.

On the fashion side, what are the themes of your bindings and how are these translating as far as look and feel?

Themes for bindings are definitely inspired from our boards in graphic and color applications. From there it’s taking fresh softgood stylings while adding flavor and compressing them into a hardgoods product. K2 offers a ton of unique and creative embellishments that accent the offering. Appliques, embroidery details, translucent materials, water-dips , metal badges, perf patterns, footbed and high back art and printing, creative use of materials from neoprene to leathers,  pretty much something for all at every pricepoint.