Rider Insider / Jake Kuzyk

Jake Kuzyk / In Motion and At Rest

Jake’s a hard one to pin down. He’s been such an important member of the K2 Snowboarding family for so long that it’s difficult to put Jake’s impact (both on K2 and on snowboarding as a whole) into words, so we reached out to a good friend of K2 snowboarding, Blake Paul, and got his take on Mr. Kuzyk. Read the rest of this entry »

Danny Larsen Cover Shot on Switch Pages

Switch Cover Danny Larsen

Yes, that’s Danny Larsen on the cover of Switch Pages slaying this slideybox with style!

The Rob Blog: Double Back Rodeo

Robbie Walker just dropped an edit on his blog, “On Tour With Robbie Walker” of him shreddin’ some Breck park. Check it out below!

NOlympics for Nick Dirks

This is the only superpipe that Nick will be riding.  (Robbie Sell photo)

This is the only superpipe that Nick will be riding. (Robbie Sell photo)

Fuel tv interview Nick Dirks on what he thinks about the Olympics and even after his broken femur heals, he still won’t consider training in the pipe.

Skateboarding is nNot in the Olympics, why do you think snowboarding is?

I asked Evan LeFebvre, and he said, “Because they want it to be”.

You’re a talented enough snowboarder, why not focus on pipe and in 4 years have a chance at worldwide fame?

Because of the possible broken bones. …decking out sucks.

Do you want to be on a Wheaties cereal box, or on the cover of Rolling Stone?

Rolling Stone, more chicks read that.

Do you think Shaun White portrays snowboarding in a way that you like?

I would say no, but do your thing Shuan. Whatevs.

Check out the rest of the interview and some more sick pics HERE.

K2 Crew Member, Joel Brinson, Checking In From Bariloche!

Argentina, much like the old west, is a land synonymous with cattle, banditos, and a different pace of life. Despite the many similarities, there is one difference so great that it brought the K2 team together to one spot, the Andes.

While shred-summers in North America are spent watching Luminous Llama for the 153rd time and counting days towards your Hood trip, there are a group of kids in South America destroying epic terrain with storms that seem relentless. If you can imagine dropping a line between rocky spires leading into a moss covered forest that funnels through snow-covered bamboo pillow lines, you’re on the right track.

Over the last few weeks, the K2 team has been taking every opportunity to tap into the terrain around Bariloche, home base to South American Snowboard Sessions, and the location of our current team photo shoot. So far we’ve been lucky enough to shred with rad locals while slashing river beds, jibbing trees, and experiencing the culture. The internet access has been spotty, but stay posted for general mayhem and more behind the scenes with the K2 team in Argentina.

Load'n up...A-Factor style.

Load'n up...A-Factor style.

Waking up to a few inches of fresh.

Waking up to a few inches of fresh.

Bariloche, feeling it.

Bariloche, feeling it.

Eero Niemela rehearsing flight patterns atop Bariloche.

Eero Niemela rehearsing flight patterns atop Bariloche.

K2 Snowboarding Visits ARGENTINA and South America Snow Sessions

Okay that’s it, we are over summer! It’s time for winter. Heading down to South America, specifically Bariloche, Argentina and

to shoot our 2010/2011 catalog. Meeting up with Gretchen, Eero, and Mckay in LA and then off to Bariloche to meet up with Yoshida and Brinson who have been busy scouting out spots for us while we are there. And did someone say the Shark is coming as well? Uh oh. Oh and maybe a sighting with Miss Leanne Pelosi as well. Dang this is going to be fun.

Stay tuned for tons of new posts, blogs, news, tweets, for all the goodness!

Pray for snow!


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