Chris Beresford & Steve Cartwright 11/12 Re-edit

Chris Beresford and Steve Cartwright here for ya this afternoon. These two dudes have creativity and style practically unmatched. For more on Beresford check out Think Thank’s “Mind The Video Man” and Cartwright in Snowboard Canada’s 2012 release, “Relax.” These dudes rip!

Matt Belzile & Jake Kuzyk 11/12 Re-edit

We’ve got two Canadians coming at you hard in this weeks team movie clip. Both of these kids are crushing it in snowboarding these days, be sure to check out Belzile and Kuzyk in Video Grass’ 2012 release, “Enlighten.”

Videograss Minor Leakage with Danny Larsen

Mount Snow is happening!

Copy and paste.

Danny Larsen Cover Shot on Switch Pages

Switch Cover Danny Larsen

Yes, that’s Danny Larsen on the cover of Switch Pages slaying this slideybox with style!

Brighton boarding and non sense

Hey everyone….just a quick day in the life here in Utah as we film for the new Think Thank video Right Brain, Left Brain…

Transworld’s 2010 GoodWood board test winners announced

We bestow our trust in the testers chosen by Transworld to conduct the test and do all that shredding so we have a little more insight on what boards. The results are in and K2 has six boards to be graced with those pretty Good Wood stickers. Look for the Good Wood Stamp of approval on  the VaVaVoom Rocker, EcoPOP, Darkstar, WWW  Rocker, Parkstar, and the Slayblade.

Follow the rest of story here on the Transworld Snow website.

Digger track Video with Kirk Kauffman

Digger Track with Kirk Kaufman from James Mustico on Vimeo.

Some hot Mt. Hood slush shovelin’ and salting to pretend BMX on snowboards.