JACK A BLOG SATURDAY. twsnow.com check up on People movie “CHEERS”


Summer Shred. Camp of Champions, people crew week.


Jack a blog tuesday. thepeoplecrew.com

Last week we got a few days in the sun. The wind was blowing pretty hard and really messed up the snow pack. We had look hard for the good pocket of snow. In the end we got a few clips for movie and as always had a good time.


Eero Niemela on the cover of the new Onboard mag.


Jumping By Braille.

Shaun McKay, Yosh, and friends catching some unexpected snow at Mt. Baker, check out The People Crew’s blog post here.

People Crew, down day fishing.


greybird days in revy, with the people crew.

New ‘Nice Try’ Mini Edit – Featuring K2’s Robbie Walker & Shaun McKay

Another Nice Try sneak-peak by the good people at People. Watch Shaun McKay, Robbie Walker and friends get it done in Tahoe.

Nice Try Mini Edit from Our Very Own Back Yard

People Creative At Camp of Champions

Title: People Creative Joins Forces with Camp of Champions
Location: Whistler, BC
Link out: Click here
Description: People Creative will be joining Whistler’s Camp of Champions Session D with the riders and filmers from their upcoming release “Nice Try.”
Start Date: 2009-07-11
End Date: 2009-07-18