Tims Healthy Tip


Looking at this photo it doesn’t look like much. However this just might be the greatest invention of all time for the human body. Its called a foam roller and its just that, a piece of foam that you roll on. You can roll on it anyway you want on whatever feels tight or sore and after you’re gonna feel like a million bucks. These things rule, you rule, and not being sore rules!

Tour De Reno

The sun is shining and the temperatures are balmy. So today I went on a most excellent road bike ride around the biggest little city. Biking rules, adventures rule, and maps are pretty cool so you kind of know where you are going and where you’ve been. Here’s a pic of the route!

Reno 58 Mile Loop
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Pimp My Ride

The other day I was riding my bike and things just kept falling apart on me. I’ve put so many miles on her it was about time she kicked the bucket. I didn’t know what to do so I threw it up in a tree and like anyone else in my situation I called up Xzibit at MTV to pimp my ride. With in minutes his crew showed up and by the next afternoon my ride was officially pimped! Thanks Xzibit for the new ride!

Pre pimped

Pre pimped

Post pimped...blingin reflectors holmes!

Post pimped...blingin reflectors holmes!

Grillin and Chillin

The weather here in Tahoe has been nothing but beautiful the past few days. Which only means two things, grillin and chillin! Here’s some photos on how to make pizza (the worlds best food) on the grill. Enjoy!

Tim’s Healthy Tip

Todays healthy tip is all about rice. I love rice….brown rice, sticky rice, you name it! However, this tip is about a completely different kind of rice that is in the form of an acronym (R.I.C.E). It stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation and unfortunately has nothing to to do with eating. It’s the golden rule for injuries. I tweaked my knee boarding and I have become a full time ricer. Hopefully you will never have to put this technique into action but if you do it will get you back on the slopes as soon as possible. Happy healing!


On Snow Demo Bro!

Yesterday Porters Tahoe and K2 teamed up at SugarBowl for a product demo/review. The whole crew got together to film some on snow action of the whole K2 snowboarding line as well as video interviews on the product and what not. The whole idea is to give the world a little insight into the product and what it’s all about before you go and buy your weapon of choice! Here’s a few photos…party on!

Area 241

Today I had the pleasure of going to Mike Basichs’ house out in the Sierras to do some filming with the Airblaster bros. Mike doesn’t live on a paved road but who needs one when you have your own snow cat? So we met him at the end of the road, loaded up his cat, and headed out to the zone…Area 241. The place in insane! He built an amazing house perched up on a mtn with access to unlimited backcountry terrain. Not to mention a tow rope in his front yard. It’s the ultimate set-up! So once we checked out his house we adventured to a nearby cliff band and built ourselves a jump and boarded our faces off! Here’s a few photos of his digs…enjoy

Feature Of The Day

Well somehow someway it snowed more in Reno than it did up in the mountains. So yesterday we went down there to take advantage of the inner city powder snow. After getting kicked out of every single thing we looked at, we came across a triple rainbow feature. A rolly polly ledge of sorts. This thing was sweet but kinda sketchy. Next to it was a drop with a closeout cement wall, air conditioning units, re-bar, steel poles, and not to mention a bums humble abode. After setting the thing up we decided to make sure there wasn’t anybody home underneath the blankets and sleeping bags that had footprints in the snow leading up to it. All we found was some socks and some cans of food underneath so it was time to get to boarding! Holy cow it was fun surfing that concrete wave! Here’s a few photos….enjoy!

Go Pro at Red Mtn

Thanks to the fine folks at Porters Tahoe I’ve got myself a little HD Go Pro camera good guy. It’s so awesome! Here’s a little edit of my first run with it at Red Mtn BC. Hope you enjoy, cowabunga!

Go Pro at Red Mtn from Tim Eddy on Vimeo.

Peanut butter jelly time!

It’s peanut butter jelly time peanut butter jelly time! So saturday night the Volcom peanut butter and rail jam was held up at Snoqualmie. I went up there to watch the action and judge the event. The set up was insane…flat to up box, up tube to flat box, and a huge flat pipe to down pipe. All under the lights with a slammin soundtrack going all night long. The turnout was sweet! With under 16, over 16, ladies, and open devisions. About halfway through the contest the pb&j sandwiches were unleashed and then the party continued. All in all it was a complete blast and thanks to everyone who helped make it happen! Peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat!