Last season Lucas Debari, Tim Eddy, and Matt Belzile headed to Japan. The results, an amazing adventure throughout Japan including multiple powder days, interesting foods, and good vibes. Shoutout to K2 Japan for hooking it up and providing us with a great experience. Arigato. #Japandwagon

Kyle Miller shredding pow at Alpine Meadows on March 14th 2012

A quick edit from Kyle Miller snowboarding from earlier today at Alpine Meadows. Kyle says “A good morning of pow at Alpine Meadows, good start to the big storm ahead.”

Pow and Chow ep.1 “Truck Yeah” – shredding Mt. Baker and living in the Parking lot

Tim Eddy’s Pow and Chow Episode #1 “Truck Yeah” takes you to Mt. Baker for powder snowboarding, truck camping, and one pot meals.

Fossil Fridays – Excavating the K2 Fat Bob with Chris Engelsman

“Without wide boards, us big-footed people would still be segregated and considered second class snowboarders. There may have never been a Marc Frank Montoya, Scotty Lago or Mikkel Bang.” – Chris Engelsman

Evolutionary once again, K2 snowboarding opened up a side of the industry that has become a standard today. As the poster child for the Fat Bob I felt it was crucial to get Chris Engelsman’s thoughts on what the Fat Bob meant for snowboarding. Here’s what he had to say.

“Before the Fat Bob, you could only chose a board by it’s length to match with your height. Once the Fat Bob came out people could choose boards based on their foot size which is important because we’re standing sideways… not straight like skiers. It’s ironic that a ski company would be the first to come out with the variable width story…”

“I was no longer inadvertently falling due to booting out on my toes and heels. I could finally shred like the rest of my friends with small feet, and power turns like Jean Nerva and Peter Bower.”

Yeah, Chris was an inspiring snowboarder…

Picture 4

Fossil Fridays – Excavating the K2 “Farmer”

Don’t follow Farmer! Yeah that’s right I said it and so have many others around the snowboard community. Shawn Farmer is a snowboarding icon who, to this day, shreds harder than most pros half his age. Back in ’93 Shawn was one of few who took Alaska by the horns and came out alive. Without guides, Farmer and his crew of mad men destroyed pow lines which are just now being discovered by the general public. We caught up with Farmer recently for some insight on his pro model from back in the day.

“Inspired by hotrod cartoons from the seventies the graphic portrays an out of control tractor dude and cow print because cow print is timeless. Additionally, this was one of the first pintails… which I really didn’t understand at the time… now I ride a pin tail most of the time; that and the Gyrator which is pretty sick in the pow.”

Check out the video of Farmer and our homie Nick Perata smashing pow lines in Alaska, vintage style.

The original page straight from the catalogue

The original page straight from the catalogue


I am thankful for powder! Tahoe….today.

Steven’s Pass Opening Day Post – Thumping in the Northwest

Ola!…our old Intern and good friend Pete Mullenbach sent this in from opening day at Steven’s Pass, WA. Thanks Pete.

Thumping in the Northwest

Quickly jump in your time machine and tell your mad scientist homies to rewind it four days ago. When you arrive in the past, drop what you’re doing, call off any plans, classes or meetings for November 19, the word is Stevens Pass is opening and there’s going to be powder. At this point you either were lucky enough to get opening day pow at Baker or you at least heard about its insanity. Regardless of the situation you understand that these conditions aren’t normal for November and this experience can’t be passed.

Unfortunately time machines haven’t been released to the general public; this potential reality can’t be relived. However, this doesn’t overshadow the fact that November 19 at Stevens Pass reminded me of classic mid-season conditions in the Northwest. Walking to the lift, the sound of avi bombs put a smile on my face as they rumbled through the mountains; a bizarre resonance on opening day. Even the patrol dogs were confused as to what month it was as they peacefully ran around in training.

By mid afternoon, the crowds subsided due to extreme leg fatigue. They retreated to the lodge for a cold Stevens Pass brew as flakes continued to stack. With snow in the forecast for the rest of the weekend and additional lifts sure to open around Washington, there is plenty of lift accessible powder to be had. So cancel weekend plans and or meetings and be a part of the best opening season the nation has seen for years. After all you only live once and until time machines are patented by one luck mother effer, you better take advantage of these great opportunities in real time.

More Mt. Baker Pow Fun!

Get stoked for this season with more Shaun McKay Baker footage!!!


All Time Mt. Baker Opening Day!!!

Mt. Baker Opening day, 70″ base, slashing pow, blue-bird skies, and a perfect day where you can forget all your worries.  Seriously what more could you ask for!?!?

Check out K2 rider Shaun McKay and friends, Jay Kelly, Lucas Debari, and Patrick McCarthy enjoying this magical day!