Sand Box Films “Now You Know Premiere” October 2nd.

Sandbox’s new film Now You Know.

Premiering Saturday October 2.

Come out to support the riders and Sandbox crew and watch the new film on the big screen at Millennium Place.

Tickets are only $10 and there are two shows: 7:30pm & 9:30pm.

Holding true to tradition, the after party will be at Garf’s and Dom will be dancing on the bar… most likely naked.

Help us spread the word and share this poster with your friends.

Now You Know!

Now You Know!

European Premiere Tour 2009 Pirate Movie Production „Jolly Roger“

A true Snowboard movie on 16mm
The pirates are back on board to cruise around the world. The new film titled “Jolly Roger” will be presented for the first time ever on the World Premiere in Innsbruck, Austria on the 11th of September 2009
But the film is not the only reason to visit the premieres. Another highlight is of course the legendary pirate parties with famous bands and a number of established dj’s who are going to perform.
If you can’t come to Innsbruck don’t be sad because there is also an exciting premiere taking place next to your hometown.
11th September, Innsbruck, Austria,
12th September, Dornbirn, Austria
19th September, Salzburg, Austria
24th September, Moscow, Russia
26th of September, Zurich, Switzerland
2nd October, Gothenburg, Sweden
2nd October, Stuttgart, Germany
3rd, October, Oslo, Norway
3rd October, Munich, Germany,
3rd October, Warsaw, Poland
9th of October, Cologne, Germany
10th October, Berlin, Germany
10th October, Wroclaw, Poland
17th October, Kaunertal, Austria
23rd October, London, UK
23th October, Kitzbuhel, Austria
24th October, Lienz, Austria, Café Wha
6th November, Vienna, Austria

TBA: Milan, Trient, Zagreb, Prague, Amsterdam

For detailed information about a premiere in your city visit:

The Jolly Roger represents THE ultimate personification of the Pirate ethos. It remains, as it was at the beginning of the 18th century, the insignia of people who do not consider themselves bound by the usual rules of engagement. Two dozen riders from 12 different countries caught on 16 mm, each bringing their unique style and together raising the flag once again. The crew chased shots across 3 continents, from the mountains of Salt Lake City to the alpine snowfields of Kitzbuhel to the active volcanoes of Kamchatka. Expect innovative backcountry snowboarding, creative city jibs and sh*t loads of powder, all wrapped up in the typical analog Pirate style.

The DVD will come with a 100-page art book again, packed with various works from motivated Pirates, including the riders.

Danny Larsen, Juuso Laivisto, Emeric Front, Gigi Rüf, Hans Ahlund, Tyler Chorlton, Marco Feichtner, Marko Grilc, Drew Fuller, Dimi Fesenko, Markus Keller, Eirik Haugo, Elias Elhardt, Björn Hartweger, Teo Konttinen, Kalle Ohlson, Sani Alibabic, Stephan Maurer, Osa, Jocki Köffler, Mike Casanova, Lukas Goller, Filippo Kratter, Blair Habenicht

Variety Pack’s ‘Not Bad!’ Teaser + World Premiere Next Week

Variety Pack’s ‘Not Bad!’ Teaser #2 – Check it! World Premiere info below…

Variety Pack’s Not Bad! World Premiere
On Saturday August 29th join the Variety Pack Crew in Utah Fine Arts Auditorium for the World Premiere of Not Bad!

Variety Pack’s “Not Bad!” is now available at for $19.99 so peep the new teaser & order yourself a copy! Soon to be at a Celtek dealer near you, “not bad!” features a rider lineup that won’t have you skipping parts & will have you wishing it wasn’t only August.

Featuring: Alex Andrews, Ben Hanisch, Trevor Rhoda, Max Honegger, Gulli Gudmondsson, Sean Black, Jed Anderson, Chris Grenier, Bode Merrill, JP Tomich, Knut Eliassen, Brandon Hammid, Ben Farrell, Ted Borland, Mac Spedale, Clint Allan, Andrew Burns, Mark Sollors, Cam Pierce, & Matt Belzile.

Trip to Mt Hood Part 1

Hey everyone!  This is Pat Campanaro, and I’m on a short trip to do some fun summer snowboarding at HCSC!  So my trip here has been pretty wild so far.  To start off, I got to the airport in Minneapolis, MN with huge lines barely about to make it to my flight… to my suprise, my flight wasn’t actually until 9:40 pm, so I was actually 12 hours early, oops!  So after catching the next flight on stand by I was still able to make it to my 2:00 shuttle to the camp.  Too bad my shuttle driver pasted Govy and brought me to Mt Hood Ski camp instead. Luckily I only walked about a 1/2 mile before someone picked me up and brought me to camp.  So aside from the journey here, some pretty sweet stuff is happening.  The Think Thank premiere went down and it was Awesome!

Think Thank Premier in the HCSC bowls
Think Thank Premiere in the HCSC bowls
K2 likes Think Thank
K2 likes Think Thank
Chris Beresford, Mike Yoshida, and Jesse Burtner
Chris Beresford, Mike Yoshida, and Jesse Burtner

Pipe to Pipe also went down at Windells!  Tons of people were around to both compete and watch the action!

See... Lots of people
See… Lots of people

So ya, I’ve just been riding and having alot of fun so far.  The Video Grass Premier is tonight and everyone is pretty hyped!  I’ll be back later with some more photos and the rest of my story.



Videograss Premiere in Portland


High Cascade “Cool Story” premiere!

Where: High Cascade Snowboard Camp located in Government Camp Oregon. When: July 18th 2009. What: World Premiere of Think Thank new boardin movie “Cool Story” Who: anyone and everyone. Why: Why not?

Variety Pack – Not Bad World Premiere

Title: Variety Pack – Not Bad World Premiere – Whistler
Location: Garfinkles in Whistler Village
Link out: Click here
Description: World Premiere of Not Bad, Variety Pack”s brand new video. Featuring K2 riders Matt Belzile and Ben Hanisch
Start Time: 21:00
Date: 2009-07-08