Video Hyper Shred is here!

So my girlfriend has been working on doing this t-shirt design for Pierre Wikberg over the last month or so and I kept asking her what the deal with VHS was? But in the last weeks I finally found out it is a new website/blog, but rather than give you my version (which would probably say this looks to be an amazing new addition to the world of snowboarding media that is flooding our lives), here is the low down from Pierre and Eddie (Wall):

California, March 26, 2010 — The goal of VHS,, is to update videos and photos every single day of the season. The clips will be short, raw, and feature pro snowboarders, ams, legends, friends, skaters, girls, drunks, industry tools and animals. The site will include all types of snowboarding; film trips, fun laps, bangers, trick tips, archival footage, interviews, behind-the-scenes, hugs, high fives and much more.

VHS will be a great way for riders and companies to get their talent and image out to the public every single day. The creative possibilities are virtually endless and VHS aims to entertain everyone, whether they be pros, weekend warriors, kids, teens, fans, haters, or single women between the ages of 20 and 40.

The internet has changed the way snowboard videos are viewed. Declining dvd sales and growing online activity are signs that the old formula of how we film and view videos needs to change. Filming 200 days a year for a 2 min video part doesn´t make as much sense as it used to.

“Times are changing and we want to change with them. I feel like snowboarding has more to offer then a two minute video part at the end of the year. I just want to show people everything that is involved with snowboarding and this is the perfect way.” says Eddie. Pierre also comments “I have been filming for a long time and I am very excited to dive into something where I can combine my Facebook updating skills and my filmmaking.”

VHS is open to work with all snowboarders and companies.

Last Call at Loon Mountain 10th Anniversary


It’s really hard to believe ten years has past since we at Eastern Boarder were dreaming up a spring snowboard event that we could all blow off some steam at. “Last Call” as it was dubbed, was simply a good reason to gather up shop employees, friends, and our local reps to have a few good laughs with on the trails together. We always thought the backyard type of gathering was the most fun to try and recreate on the slopes. Building oddball jumps and making things that tend to be on the sketchy side was always a good way to get people laughing, claiming and one upping each other. This “anti contest” contest of sorts was just the thing we all needed to let loose. In 2001 we had a little cash, some swag, some tall boys, and random things to toss out to the outstanding riders that survived the day, and overall Last Call looked like a success and worth trying again.
Loon in NH became home for Last Call a few years back and has since been an amazing host mountain for just such an event. The LMP park staff headed by Brian Norton puts in a ton of hours sculpting and tweaking their already impressive park to help make Last Call unique every time we go there. It still has a somewhat backyard feel and guarantees a lot of fun and claiming. The secret features we have sketched up this time around should have riders going all out. If they can’t ride it all they sure won’t be on top at the end of the day. Our 10th Anniversary event will again take place at Loon March 24th 2010. I can’t thank our extended EB family, friends, sponsors and spectators enough for helping to keep Last Call such an underground success over the years. Snowboarding needs this sort of thing. Without you all involved it just wouldn’t be able to happen. Thank you to this years sponsors K2 Snowboards, Oakley, 32, Redbull, NXTZ, Scion, Skullcandy and Dakine. Immediately following awards we’ll be in the Bunyan room below the gondola. Plan on getting a room that evening and follow us downtown for a little more letting loose too.

Hope to see you all there.

Win With Wille Yli-Luoma, Heart Roasters and K2 Snowboarding All Week


The complete Shakedown on the Ride Shakedown!


A mob of snowboarders and various industry folk invaded Western Washington late last week for the inaugural U.S edition of the Ride Shakedown. The contest, which has been a Canadian mainstay for nearly a decade, planted its flag at the Summit at Snoqualmie on Friday for a two day snowboarding extravaganza.
The event brought in dozens of the world’s top pro and amateur shredders, all of whom were eager to huck themselves off a mega booter and down a kinked handrail for a chance to get their grubby mitts on a $35,000 prize purse. I won’t get into a blow-by-blow of who did what on which obstacle because, frankly, it was snowing and foggy and I spent a good portion of the weekend at the beer garden.
Here are the highlights:
• Given the roughly 6,000 miles that separate Snoqualmie Pass from his home in Santiago, Chile, Manuel Diaz had a disproportionately large rooting section at the contest. The Diaz delegation, which seemed to number in the dozens, carried Chilean flags and generally went apeshit whenever their boy dropped in. The 27-year-old shredder rewarded their enthusiasm with a couple of solid runs and a multitude of double backside rodeo attempts. He ended up in second place and will fly home $3,000 richer. That’s 1,544,999 Chilean Pesos, in case you were curious
• All three of the top spots in the men’s main event went to non-Americans. In addition to Diaz’s strong second place showing, first and third place awards were given to Canadians K2 rider Matt Kulisek and E-Man Anderson, respectively. Bottom line: Step your game up Americans!
• Diaz was the sentimental favorite, but Washington’s own Austin Hironaka was also getting love from the crowd. Hironaka took the top spot at Friday night’s Rail Jam contest, and the win was doubly impressive considering he didn’t bother hitting the rail. Instead, the University Palace native got creative on a section of the course that sent riders up and over a ten-foot tall spool/totem pole. While most riders were content to throw a nose bonk or straight air over the spool, Hironaka upped the ante with a Miller flip tail grab. The trick earned young Austin five grand, most of which was undoubtedly spent celebrating at the after party at the Hard Rock in Seattle.
• Speaking of the Hard Rock, the mega company can justifiably lay claim to being the real winner of the weekend. The newly-built restaurant and bar played host to Friday and Saturday night after parties, and the booze was flowing freely. Of the 35 grand handed out to winners, I’d bet at least 60 percent of that money is now resting comfortably inside the Hard Rock’s cash registers.
• I hope the good people behind the Ride Shakedown decide to make the Snoqualmie contest an annual event, but if they do I would suggest they consider dropping Muscle Milk as a sponsor. Besides having an unfortunate name that sounds like a euphemism for a certain male bodily fluid, Muscle Milk has the consistency of runny pancake batter and tastes like medicine. I did catch K2 team manager Kevin Winkel chugging a bottle of the stuff, so maybe it’s not all bad.

Final results

1. Matts Kulisek (K2 Snowboarding)
2. Manuel Diaz
3. E-Man Anderson


1. Megan Ginter
2. Hana Beaman
3. Megan Whiteside