Beats Working

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Last season, we got together with Tim Eddy, Hannah Eddy, Stratton Matteson, Destry Serna and Alex Maros to explore the wonders of snowboarding in and around Bend, Oregon. From the flowiest hot laps at Mt. Bachelor, to untracked splitboarding in the burnt forest of Santiam Pass, to the sneaky sidepow at Willamette Pass we pretty much scored across the board. All in all, riding powder with your friends definitely Beats Working. (Side note: HOLY COW we found the goods)

Destry Serna was heating it up so much he had to lose the beanie. P: Colton Jacobs

Film: Nick Meilleur & Doug Jambor
Edit: Nick Meilleur
Music: “Garepuss” & “Not There” by Jacob Lundgren and Tom Eddy // People Everywhere (Still Alive) by Khruangbin
Special Thanks: Mt. Bachelor, Willamette Pass, Mother Nature

It’s snowing in the mountains, call out sick…

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Elevate Your Experience

The Edit

We needed some quality time with the gang, so we decided to rally (almost) the entire crew. The Pacific Northwest had a banner snow-year so we chose to bring everyone out to the Summit at Snoqualmie to shoot some photos, bond, and have some good times.

We spent our days sessioning the park at the ‘qualm, hitting an ewok village-like feature set in the trees at Summit West, hand-digging a 6-foot mini-pipe, and maxing out Pie for the People’s kitchen by ordering 20 extra-large pizzas for the crowds at Summit Central. Tim said it best: pizza helps to elevate your experience when you’re snowboarding…

Leanne Pelosi Brought The Up North Vibe / P: Colin Wiseman

The Team

In true PNW fashion, our team was lucky enough to experience all four seasons in the few days they were in the Cascades. Rain or shine, we ripped around with our friends, slapped some high-fives, and totally got the sauna to work….

K2 Snowboarding Team Riders:

– Parker Szumowski (@parkszoom)
– Tim Eddy (@timshreddy)
– Mark Wilson (@markjwilson)
– Leanne Pelosi (@leannepelosi)
– Jake Kuzyk (@jakekuzyk)
– Yo Amagai (@yo_amagai)
– Johnny Brady (@johnnybradyjr)
– Stratton Matteson (@strattomatic)
– Matt Belzile (@mattbelzile)
– Kael Martin (@hippy_turns)
– Alex Rodway (@rodweezy4sheezy)
– Greg Phillips (@shred_baron)
– Destry Serna (@destryserna)
– Harry Green (@hairygreen)

Film Crew:

– Nick Meilleur (@nickmeilleur)
– Sam Tuor
– Dan Mohr (Aerials)


– Nick Meilleur


– Colton Jacobs (@coltonandrewjacobs)
– Colin Wiseman (@colin_wise_man)

Production Assistant:

– Alex Maros


– Flamingosis: “Down For The Fifth Time”
HOME: “Head First”
– HOME: “Resonance”

Huge thanks:

– Summit at Snoqualmie
– Summit Parks
– Dan Mayers
– Matt Callahan

C’mon Mother Nature, Elevate Our Experience!

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Rider Insider / Jake Kuzyk

Jake Kuzyk / In Motion and At Rest

Jake’s a hard one to pin down. He’s been such an important member of the K2 Snowboarding family for so long that it’s difficult to put Jake’s impact (both on K2 and on snowboarding as a whole) into words, so we reached out to a good friend of K2 snowboarding, Blake Paul, and got his take on Mr. Kuzyk. Read the rest of this entry »

Rider Insider / Mark Wilson

@therealjp Helsinki 1 copy

Mark Wilson Dropping In on the Fastplant – P: JP Walker

The Silent Killer. K2 Snowboard Team Rider Mark Wilson is a soft spoken ripper hailing from northern Minnesota after spending his young years in tropical Hawaii. Mark’s calm demeanor shows through in everything he does; whether he’s cooking you a meal, cruising around Portland, Oregon on his bike, or strapping into his snowboard. Mark’s the kind of friend you can count on to be by your side on those 5am wake up calls or those late night street missions. His work ethic is incredible and he pushes the envelope harder than most while remaining calm, collected, and friendly as can be.

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Wallpaper Downloads

Wallpaper Downloads

The resorts may be closed, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking about snowboarding. We put together a few wallpaper packs so you can keep the stoke alive all summer. Download now for free!

Wallpaper Downloads

Wallpaper Downloads - Earn Your Turns
Earn Your Turns – Destry Serna, Stratton Matteson, Matt Colton | Mt. Jefferson, Oregon
Download > Desktop | Mobile


Wallpaper Downloads
Mountain Slash – Stratton Matteson | Mt. Bachelor
Download > Desktop | Mobile


Wallpaper Downloads - Into the White Room
The White Room – Johnny Brady | North Cascades, Washington
Download > Desktop | Mobile


Wallpaper Downloads - Pow SlashPow Slash – Kael Martin | Snoqualmie Pass, Washington
Download > Desktop | Mobile


Wallpaper Downloads - Surfing
Surfing – Tim Eddy | Mt. Bachelor, Oregon
Download > Desktop | Mobile


Wallpaper Downloads - Into the Sky
Into The Sky – Yo Amagai | Mt. Bachelor, Oregon
Download > Desktop | Mobile


All photography by Colton Jacobs.

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CRUISE — Starting the Season Off Right.

Words & Video by Nick Meilleur | Photos by Colton Jacobs /// What an opening month of shredding December was. Mother Nature arrived in the PNW with a resounding blizzard and did not let up for quite some time. Kael Martin, Greg Phillips, Jay Kelly and John Shaw set out to enjoy the goods on opening day at The Summit at Snoqualmie and Alpental. It was pretty hard to find any part of the mountain that wasn’t a ripping good time!

Greg, Shaw and Jay | Colton Jacobs photo

Greg, Shaw and Jay



Hotlapping some of our favorite zones, everyone was real stoked at how light the snow was thanks to lower than average temps we are seeing this winter. Perfect for getting our shred legs back up and running!

Greg, Jay and Kael

Greg, Jay and Kael

Greg sending a backflip. The landing didn't quite work out, but it still looked cool.

Greg sending a backflip. The landing didn’t quite work out, but it still looked cool.

Sometimes you get bit by the pit

Sometimes you get bit by the pit  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The northwest is known for its interesting vegetation, and accumulation of features: pillows, stunt ditches, tree jibs, the list goes on. While the early snowfall did provide excellent coverage, it was fun seeing trees, shrubs and sticks that are usually completely covered up showing their heads (amidst deep pow).


Kael gettin' twiggy wit it.

When we weren’t hitting the side stashes, the slopes were a medley of slashes, bashes, carves and airs.

Mandatory artsy "from the lift" shot of Kael

Kael with a nice carve.

Jay Kelly

Jay serving up some style on the Party Platter. This tail grab 3 was a particular beauty.

At the end of the day, we just wanted to keep ridin’ powder. Lucky for us, the snow came back and free refills became the new policy.




Greg and Kael hidin’ in the white room.



We’re stoked on what’s to come, hope your season is also off to a great start!





Last season Lucas Debari, Tim Eddy, and Matt Belzile headed to Japan. The results, an amazing adventure throughout Japan including multiple powder days, interesting foods, and good vibes. Shoutout to K2 Japan for hooking it up and providing us with a great experience. Arigato. #Japandwagon

The Manboys Return!

The boys are back again for another season of chasing snow and finding weird places to snowboard on said snow. Planes, trains, bails and flails, Monster cans, and broken-down vans. They’re all a part of the adventure in a very unplanned way so stay tuned to have some fun watching the new edits from the best friends in snowboarding.


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Adrian Krainer 2015 Season Edit

Need motivation to shred this season? Adrian Krainer will inspire you. His 2015 season edit has us psyched to shred. Also, keep your eyes and ears peeled for Mr. Krainer this upcoming winter. He’s doing big things. Check out the edit below and enjoy.

Hood to Coast – K2 Women’s Alliance shreds Oregon.

Join the K2 Women’s Alliance on a journey from Mt. Hood to the coast of Oregon. Whether snow or surf these ladies draw inspiration from their surroundings and it translates into the latest K2 products. Enjoy the edit below and learn more at