Retro Fools Day at Stevens Pass

Don’t forget about Retro Fools Day at Stevens Pass this weekend; if you’re not there you’re blowing it. Report is calling for sun and warm weather so rally all your vintage gear and get up there! …And bring beer!


Retro Fools Day 2010 – Stevens Pass

Stevens Pass is hosting a Downhill Slalom Race Retro style!

Time to bust out those old straight skis, directional snowboards, one-piece snowsuits and radical attitude for the 1st annual Retro Fools Day! April 2nd, 2010 is going to be the most totally tubular day and will include a downhill slalom race! The older and more rad the gear the more time deductions you get off your runs! There will be awards for best times, best outfit and most radical! There will be more awards for other cateagories that we haven’t even thought of yet! Here’s an example of the time scoring (these aren’t set yet but you get the idea):

Time deductions:
Retro jacket: -1 sec
Retro pants: -1sec
One piece: -3sec
Pre 1995 board: -1sec
Pre 1995 skis: -1sec
Old boots: -3 sec
Monoski: -7sec
Post 1995 board: +4sec
Post 1995 ski: +4sec

Hit the thrift stores, ebay and craigslist and get your gear in order for RETRO FOOLS DAY 2010! Brought to you by Stevens Pass and Retro and SOS (Snowboard Outreach Society)

$5 voluntary donation – All proceeds go to SOS


Steven’s Pass Opening Day Post – Thumping in the Northwest

Ola!…our old Intern and good friend Pete Mullenbach sent this in from opening day at Steven’s Pass, WA. Thanks Pete.

Thumping in the Northwest

Quickly jump in your time machine and tell your mad scientist homies to rewind it four days ago. When you arrive in the past, drop what you’re doing, call off any plans, classes or meetings for November 19, the word is Stevens Pass is opening and there’s going to be powder. At this point you either were lucky enough to get opening day pow at Baker or you at least heard about its insanity. Regardless of the situation you understand that these conditions aren’t normal for November and this experience can’t be passed.

Unfortunately time machines haven’t been released to the general public; this potential reality can’t be relived. However, this doesn’t overshadow the fact that November 19 at Stevens Pass reminded me of classic mid-season conditions in the Northwest. Walking to the lift, the sound of avi bombs put a smile on my face as they rumbled through the mountains; a bizarre resonance on opening day. Even the patrol dogs were confused as to what month it was as they peacefully ran around in training.

By mid afternoon, the crowds subsided due to extreme leg fatigue. They retreated to the lodge for a cold Stevens Pass brew as flakes continued to stack. With snow in the forecast for the rest of the weekend and additional lifts sure to open around Washington, there is plenty of lift accessible powder to be had. So cancel weekend plans and or meetings and be a part of the best opening season the nation has seen for years. After all you only live once and until time machines are patented by one luck mother effer, you better take advantage of these great opportunities in real time.