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Mark Wilson Dropping In on the Fastplant – P: JP Walker

The Silent Killer. K2 Snowboard Team Rider Mark Wilson is a soft spoken ripper hailing from northern Minnesota after spending his young years in tropical Hawaii. Mark’s calm demeanor shows through in everything he does; whether he’s cooking you a meal, cruising around Portland, Oregon on his bike, or strapping into his snowboard. Mark’s the kind of friend you can count on to be by your side on those 5am wake up calls or those late night street missions. His work ethic is incredible and he pushes the envelope harder than most while remaining calm, collected, and friendly as can be.

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Last season Lucas Debari, Tim Eddy, and Matt Belzile headed to Japan. The results, an amazing adventure throughout Japan including multiple powder days, interesting foods, and good vibes. Shoutout to K2 Japan for hooking it up and providing us with a great experience. Arigato. #Japandwagon

check out… the K2 SNOWBOARDING BOWL

Oh man, scope the progress out back…Getting close! Siked!

Blurry mess of future fun!patchwork_love

check out the iPhone hands! a Blurry mess of future fun!

In Color Rail Montage Video

Check out Transworld In Color “B” footage rail montage with K2’s Jake Kuzyk and Harrison Gordon, Jed Anderson, Louif Paradis, Tyler Verigin, and more.


GROMS OPEN 2010 Mayrhofen/ Penken Park – YEAH Georg


one of the K2 youngsters Gerog Huber ruled his home park at Penken in austrian Zillertal as usual.
new year – new contests. “hot-zone.tv / the seeker Groms open” took place last week in Mayrhofen.

thie contest is only for riders under 18 years and Georg took second place, but hey, he’s only 16! congrats georg!
Photos by Christian Eli Eberl
Final Results:

1. Tobi Fieg (AUT)
2. Georg Huber (AUT)
3. Simon Picher (AUT)
4. Daniel Rajcsanyi (GER)
5. Florian Corzelius (AUT)
6. Stefan König (AUT)
7. Johannes Handle (AUT)
8. Samy Kahn (AUT)

bester U16 Rider:
Georg Huber
more on www.hotzone.tv und www.theseeker.at

K2 Japan Women’s Team Featured on New PS3 Game

K2 Japan Team Rider Yukie Ueda gets the cover of the New Play Station Winter Sports 2010 video game on the 2010 VVV Rocker, Virtue Bindings and Affair Boot.


Also featured in the games promotions are K2 Riders Sachi Tanaka and Reika Nomura. Click Here: http://www.arcsystemworks.jp/ws2010/ to check out the site.

Gretchen Bleiler Takes First at Grand Prix Qualifiers in Copper

After all the media hype, summer shred ramp up, and speculation of who is in the running for this year’s US Olympic Snowboard Team the time for answers is finally upon us. This weekend marks the beginning of rush to Gold as Olympic hopefuls compete against one another in the US Grand Prix in Copper and Gretchen Bleiler did not start off slow. Taking first in the qualifiers today with a 47.10 she is on her way straight to the finals. Check out TRANSWORLD SNOWBOARDING for more pics…Screen-shot-2009-12-10-at-8.40.34-PM

Whitefish Montana opening weekend!!

Opening weekend was a success for Whitefish Mountain Resort, with new snow and sunny skies (once the weekend warriors went back to work) the mountain opened up the entire backside and a couple runs down the front.

Handycase and I.....aahhhh, Montana

Handycase and I.....aahhhh, Montana


Come Monday WMR opened up North Bowl (now called Moe-mentum after local olympian Tommy Moe) and we started sending it.

high on methods....all day

high on methods....all day

The groomers at WMR are some of the best in the country, long, fast rolly runs with epic views of Glacier National Park and the Canadian Rockies.

fresh cords brah!!

fresh cords brah!!

If you ever make it to Whitefish, call my mom Pam, (or hit her up on Facebook!!) she loves hosting any and all snowboarders!!

ALL PHOTOS  www.jacobeubank.com

Ben Lynch On Deck With Snowboarder Magazine

Check out the full interview here: http://fresh.snowboardermag.com/feature/ben-lynch-on-deck/

Screen shot 2009-12-10 at 1.09.28 PM

Vacation Tattoos with Nick Dirks

Nick has been doing some tattooing lately, my friend Chris loves getting things for free, even if they are done poorly and permanent, click below for the video
Perpetual Vacation

Perpetual Vacation from James Mustico on Vimeo.