Think Thanks: Episode 1 with K2 rider Chris Beresford

Episode 1: The first episode features Chris Beresford trying a switch double “kickflip” off some stairs in Alaska. Chris finds himself entering the black lodge where he must confront his demons. Good Chris went in, but who came out?

For the real deal action check out “Ransack Rebellion” available now at your local shop or on iTunes.

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Tim Eddy for “Ransack Rebellion”

Prolific propellor of powder and Pizza Party proprietor, Tim Eddy gets down with two thumbs way up.

Some insight into the mind of Mike Yoshida

Mike Yoshida is our photographer and Mike Yoshida just had a quick interview with Think Thank. You may learn a little bit about him; check it out.

Shotgun with Chris Beresford from Think Thank

Ride along with Chris Beresford and the Think Thank crew for a quick inside look at Chris’ brain as they film for the new movie Right Brain Left Brain.

Shotgun with… Chris Beresford from Sean Genovese on Vimeo.


I’m up here at Red Mountain British Columbia with Think Thank doing some filming/photo action . It’s been a complete blast up here. The mountain is insane and the crew is even more insane! We’ve been up here for about 5 days staying in a condo on the mtn. I’ve grown very fond of this house we are living in so I wanted to give it some recognition by presenting you with “Cribs” Red Mountain edition. Enjoy!

Jesse’s WEAKly Report-7

The WEAKly report from Think Thank’s Jesse Burtner featuring Tim Eddy and friends at the Summit at Snoqualmie and Massachusetts.

Jesse’s WEAKly Report 7 from Jesse Burtner on Vimeo.

Think Thank and friends go to Silver Star

Tim Eddy and the rest of the Think Thank crew visit Silver Star Mountain in Vernon B.C. Canada. Check out their video edit!

Cool Story and Get Real premier Boston

I’ve been exploring and adventuring on the east coast for a few weeks now and on friday night I adventured my way down to Boston for a snowboard movie premier. The movies were Think Thanks “Cool Story” and Transworlds “Get Real.” The night was a complete blast and times had by all. Fellow Think Thankers and Massachusett natives Scott Stevens, Chris Beresford, and Ross Philips where in the building along with bunch of snowboard enthusiasts. Here’s a few pictures form the premier….enjoy-Tim

Cool Story and Get Real Premiere – Presented by Fat Trax and Theory


Trip to Mt Hood Part 1

Hey everyone!  This is Pat Campanaro, and I’m on a short trip to do some fun summer snowboarding at HCSC!  So my trip here has been pretty wild so far.  To start off, I got to the airport in Minneapolis, MN with huge lines barely about to make it to my flight… to my suprise, my flight wasn’t actually until 9:40 pm, so I was actually 12 hours early, oops!  So after catching the next flight on stand by I was still able to make it to my 2:00 shuttle to the camp.  Too bad my shuttle driver pasted Govy and brought me to Mt Hood Ski camp instead. Luckily I only walked about a 1/2 mile before someone picked me up and brought me to camp.  So aside from the journey here, some pretty sweet stuff is happening.  The Think Thank premiere went down and it was Awesome!

Think Thank Premier in the HCSC bowls
Think Thank Premiere in the HCSC bowls
K2 likes Think Thank
K2 likes Think Thank
Chris Beresford, Mike Yoshida, and Jesse Burtner
Chris Beresford, Mike Yoshida, and Jesse Burtner

Pipe to Pipe also went down at Windells!  Tons of people were around to both compete and watch the action!

See... Lots of people
See… Lots of people

So ya, I’ve just been riding and having alot of fun so far.  The Video Grass Premier is tonight and everyone is pretty hyped!  I’ll be back later with some more photos and the rest of my story.