I’m up here at Red Mountain British Columbia with Think Thank doing some filming/photo action . It’s been a complete blast up here. The mountain is insane and the crew is even more insane! We’ve been up here for about 5 days staying in a condo on the mtn.

Cool Story and Get Real premier Boston

I’ve been exploring and adventuring on the east coast for a few weeks now and on friday night I adventured my way down to Boston for a snowboard movie premier. The movies were Think Thanks “Cool Story” and Transworlds “Get Real.” The night was a complete blast and times had by all.

Trip to Mt Hood Part 1

Hey everyone!  This is Pat Campanaro, and I’m on a short trip to do some fun summer snowboarding at HCSC!  So my trip here has been pretty wild so far.  To start off, I got to the airport in Minneapolis, MN with huge lines barely about to make it to my flight… to my suprise, my flight wasn’t actually until 9:40 pm, so I was actually 12 hours early, oops!